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A simple way to make payment free internet in third world

The problem with internet connection in third world countries is that subscription line must be paid. The cost free internet can be possible in third world, advertisement paid commercial internet, but subscription line payment, although low in some countries like India, is anyway too high that people can afford that. Ways to overcome this problem is interned via balloons, self-flying airplanes or satellites. Firms like Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Amazon have made huge amounts of money using tax avoidance, tax evasion, tax fraud, whatever it is called, it is just the same thing (tax fraud). “Tech companies that pay 0$ in federal taxes”, “The 91 Fortune 500 companies did nt pay federal taxes”, “Does Google pay taxes?”, “How much Amazon pay in taxes?”, “Fact sheet: Apple tax avoidance”, “Fact sheet: Facebook tax avoidance”. USA government pay tax rebates to these big firms and their owner billionaires, so that actually instead of paying taxes those firms get money from USA government. So in the end when tax rebates and taxes are counted together, those rich firms and their billionaires don t pay actually to USA government, instead american taxpayers each year pay money for their salary earned doing hard work to those big firms and their billionaire owners. So those firms do not actually pay tax to USA government, instead those firms are taxating american taxpayers, american taxpayers have to each year pay tax money to those already rich private firms, and that money is taken for their salary, using government taxes, USA government uses taxpayers money for tax rebates that make those firms having “negative tax” rate. So rich american billionaires are each year taking money from american taxpayers, those billionaires take that money from every american taxpayer s salary, using government taxes and tax rebates. Few rich people become richer and many poor people become poorer - system cannot be much more clearer than in taxation system that takes money from millions of people (every american taxpayer) and gives that money to few rich billionaires that in most cases does not even have to pay tax at all.
There are plans to make cost free internet in third world. Those rich tech firms that are using tax fraud (/avoidance /evasion) are planning to launch balloons (Google Loon), airplanes (Facebook Aquila / Zephyr), and satellites (“Apple has top secret team working on internet satellites”, SpaceX Starlink).
What if same methods are used with those tax frauds that european tax officials do, retrograde payments that collect money back from those money laundering operations. So that every dollar that has earned using tax fraud must be paid back. This money goes to charity foundation that makes cost free internet in third world. Those firms are already trying to make solution for cost free internet or at least minimal cost internet. But now they must really start to make those systems and spent money for them. There can be certain date that those balloon, aircraft or satellite systems must be ready, if they are not ready in that certain day, all retrograde tax payments, with interest rates, come to full force and those firms cannot pay tax fraud money back using each only year partly paid back until everything is paid- model. If those firms cannot pay back whole sum they are declared bankrupt and taken over by government. They must perhaps pay huge fines because they have used tax fraud. Those payments can also be given to charity foundation that makes free internet in third world.
Simplest way to make payment free internet in third world is to make arrangement with teleoperator firms that are partly or completely owned by western, chinese or middle eastern countries. Those have state owned teleoperator firms, that are partly or completely owned by some independent state. So many african etc. teleoperators are partly owned by teleoperator firms that are themselves partly or completely owned by governments. Making arrangement with those governments that some kind of cheap internet where expensive material is removed and only public domain / freeware material remains, can be made with their teleoperator firm networks what they partially own (or completely own) in africa, asia and south america. Although material in zeronet is freeware, large number of ads is used to make this cost free version of internet possible, line connection is paid by ads and commercial sponsors. And this “zeronet” has also e-health, e-education etc. material. Data compression must be used to make data rates low. Firms such as IBM that had made tax avoidance can be obligated to make hardware structure for this zeronet.
Another way is to use balloons, airplanes or satellites. Apple, SpaceX and Amazon have all satellite systems designed for free internet. They compete against each other, which makes hard to make commercially succesful system. Satellite telephone networks went bankrupt earlier for same reason. Best would be shared monopoly where those firms are forced to make cooperation in just one satellite network, ownership shared between Apple, Amazon and SpaceX. Those firms are already spending money to make those free internet systems, but when they must pay back their tax fraud money and there is certain date when systems must be ready, they also have to really start spending money for it.
This tax fraud payback money is given to charity foundation that controls the money and gives it back to those firms for doing free internet technology, and for other cost free internet projects.
Free low cost few dollar smart phone / feature / satellite phone can be given together with free (but limited) internet connection. Because net connection cost is higher than just few dollar phone (1-5 dollar phone mass produced standard model perhaps manufactured over billion units). So if Apple wants to make free internet using satellites etc. it can make simple and cheap “iPhone mini” that is given away with free internet connection. Net connection is advertisement paid. If cost free internet in third world exist, and every family has smartphone or feature phone or satellite phone, then all those advertisers that otherwise pay for newspaper adverts and outdoor poster adverts can change to use internet advertising, and then huge sums of advertising money comes to this zeronet, making it commercially possible. Spotify / Netflix model where in beginning of business it is not profitable, but when years pass business becomes profitable- model can be used in zeronet also, profits come perhaps after few years, not immediately when zeronet starts.
Also Amazon (Bezos) is building its own space rockets, Blue Origin. If Amazon must pay back its tax fraud money, that money can be used, not only for making satellites, but making economical space launch system also. If Amazon would be obligated to build Skylon /SABRE spaceplane, or airspike rocket engine, or electrically powered propulsion rocket, or clean nuclear space rocket that can be launched from the ground (clean lithium fission rocket for example) then very efficient space launch system would be build and without using any government money. Or actually it is government money, that government money what Amazon took away using tax frauds. Amazon can use that tax fraud money by making efficient advanced space launch system, and pay back this way money it stole from governments around the world.

According to Wikipedia negative tax was invented to make taxation more equal, even liberal economist like Milton Friedman with laissez faire attitude made proposal for negative tax as equal taxation. But modern taxation system of USA has turned whole principle of negative tax upside down: it is system that is now designed to maximize inequality: it takes money from more than 300 million people (taxpayers of USA) and gives that money to very few rich millionaires and billionaires that are just very small amount of total population of USA. This taxation system also takes money away from individual people (taxpayers) and gives it to corporate entities that already posses huge amount of money. This happens through tax rebates. So system that was designed for poor people that they do not have to carry weight of taxation at full because they suffer from taxation most, is turned to system that takes money away from taxpayers and instead of easing taxation, it gives that tax money to some of the richest people of the world. And hundreds of millions of american taxpayers must now pay tax to rich billionaires who have 0% taxation rate already in many cases. This happens through tax rebates.
0% tax rate is possible because tax fraud (tax evasion, tax avoidance) is used. If average taxpayer uses same methods that those big companies use for tax fraud, that average person would propably go to jail for several years, but it is different law for big companies and their owner billionaires.
To correct this situation those big companies must pay back that tax fraud money. Best way is when that money is used to make something that befits whole humankind. Those firms are making ways to develop cost free internet in third world (balloons, airplanes and satellites). If all tax fraud money that those big companies have cheated is taken back, but given to those projects that are for benefit for humankind like those internet projects and Amazon / Bezos space rocket project (that space rocket project can be made to use advanced and efficient propulsion systems, not just ordinary chemical rockets), then those firms could in fast pace and with large amount of project money to develop those things, and then would be possible to have cost free internet in third world and efficient space launch system available, with no cost to government.