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Athens office 16.-21.11. 2015

Continuing the discussion from Events: offices, pop-ups, fairs, etc:

The program (to be updated) is now up at:

In outline:


The Robin Hood Laboratory in Athens has three functions.

  1. First, we will meet with interested social movements in Athens and
    try to learn from them everything we can. This takes place in
    informal meeting around Athens 16-19.11.15.
  2. Second, we will develop
    further the concept of finance in terms of new equity relations and
    commonfare. We will have a workshop on Friday 20.11.15 and some very interesting thinkers like Carlo Vercellone, Robert Meister and Andrea Fumagalli are coming to work with us.
  3. Third, we will run a testing/prototyping session with the second
    generation P2P finance platform Robin Hood is developing. Finance as
    a place of creation session is on Saturday 21.11.15.

There is now an invite in Greek; please circulate:οι-ρομπέν-των-χρηματιστηρίων-επισκέπ/

I am in Athens 18-22. Please put me on the list for meetings and workshops. It will be good to see you f2f.

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Any information re: the place? How should I contact anybody? I am attending Athens Biennale event and then I am free till Monday, when there is a meeting. I would be happy to plan when and where to meet you.

Hi Petros – don’t know about the place yet, the workshop on fri and sat will be in Circuits and Currents, but before that we can meet in a café or something, I guess.
Do you have all day on Thursday set for Biannale events, or could we meet sometime on Thursday?

I do not know how intensive it will be, but in the evening I should be free.
Probably Wednesday after 20:00 would be better fo me, as I am not much into the theatre.
Just in case, here is my Greek mobile: +306939074329

Alright; let’s agree for now at 20 on wed!

ok, I will be at the Rex Theatre, Panepistiomiou 47. Probably there is enough places to sit and talk in the neighborhood.

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Here are some pictures from the meetings with solidarity economy networks: