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Books for poor children

Hello to everyone, I am testing response here. One my Chinese friend in Beijing mentioned in her email to me spontaneously expressed the idea of buying books for poor children to donate. I am just testing response. I just e-mailed to my friend back I will try to ask here if anybody could buy book and send it to poor child :baby:. We have not plan yet, but if there will be response we will set up things together. I am honest, there is our recent e-mail communication about it (pasted from my e-mail)

Dear Shen-Lina, this is very nice idea about to donate the books for poor children. Do you know for sure that even in these day there in China are areas where children have no access to books, etc. ?

From: Selina
Sent: ‎24/‎09/‎2016 10:55
To: turexD; shen.lina
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Hahaha,you got it,yes,charge of books,but not whatever they gave me,but the ones I want then tell them,they buy for me.

I also share this idea with a friend,which I really want to do but can’t yet,is people who attend the activities he organized who donate a book,also a list which suitable for children,then can donate them to the poor village areas where I heard from the news,the average of holding books in the house is 2-3.I think he did so,and later when it’s possible for me to do so,I will do this and call on for more people to do so.To build a good echo-system.

The main reason why I have this idea is when I was in middle school or so,their was district libraries,I always went there to do my homework,read magazines,then they sold it,it became a shop,I think it’s not good and right,there should be a place for children to read &study,so I really want to build up something and want to help with the situation since then.

But of course there are lot of book stores and book market I can go,that’s a bit different.

And before I went to university,I used the summer vacation to go to the city book store in another district everyday which took us one hour on the single way eachday,but that was also super fun time.:slight_smile:


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