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Communications and PR: Overview

Core developers and coordinators Tere and Dan.

What you can do?

Social Media Activism

RH is now present at facebook and twitter.

  • Follow those, share and retweet.

Do you want to start another RH presence? Reddit? Pinterest?

  • Contact the core developers, to establish channels through which you
    can get content and to establish a policy of publishing

Interviews of members
We want to hear the stories of our members! In text, audio and video. How to proceed?

  • Choose a member to interview. Maybe you know someone, or have seen
    someone interesting. Alternatively, you can ask the coordinators for
    suggestions. In any case, if you don’t have the contact info for a
    member, ask for it from a coordinator.
  • Contact the person to be interviewed. Explain what the interview is
    for, where it will be published and how long it will approximately
    take. Make an appointment for the interview through a channel that
    you agreee on (live, web conference or call, phone, e-mail, etc.)
  • Conduct the interview. Think about the things you would want to hear
    and learn about from other members. Below are some example question.
  • Remember, that shorter interviews tend to get more exposure, though
    longer ones also have their benefits!

Interview questions

  • Background questions:
  • Name
  • Where you live
  • Your job
  • How did you hear about Robin Hood?
  • Why did you join?
  • What are you saving for?
  • What do you need to have a happy life?
  • How do you explain Robin Hood to your friends?
  • What’s your favorite thing about Robin Hood?
  • What does “commons” mean to you?
  • What makes Robin Hood different from other similar services?
  • What is one question you wish I asked you?

RH ambassadors
Want to spread the word?

Something else? Present your idea here.

Am in the process of writing an article - you can see the thread here: Writing an article for Stir To Action

Am opening up an editable document within the thread for anyone who would like to contribute / comment.

This is one place to help social media!