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DAOWO - Distributed Autonomous Organisation With Others

Hello, are you a London-based people involved with Robin Hood Cooperative?

Kei Kreutler (artist, researcher contributing to UnMonastery) and I (Furtherfielder) are working together this week (w/c January 18th) on some joint research at Southbank Centre and would love to meet you for an informal chat.
Below is a description of what we are doing.

Here is what we are doing:

  • collating research and inviting people for generative conversations looking for overlapping aims developing resilient funding and collaborative schemes for organisations to support their members - guild and cooperative structures using distributed tech.
  • exploring how we can work together (pooling networks of wisdom, knowledge and goodwill) to conceive, design and implement the constitution and basis for a DAOWO (an distributed autonomous organisation for civic arts and tech-led collaboration implemented in networked computer code). Inspired by this paper by Rob Myers…/includes/…/daowo.pdf
    Aims (so far- and up for discussion)
  • to develop this DAOWO as a basis for distributed, inalienable, sustainable, collaborative, production.
  • to think through how a DAO might act as hinge for collaboration between people in physical locations and international networks.
  • to reinvigorate grounded debate, action and criticality in digital arts in our UK and international networks in the context of megacollapsingeverything.