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Development coordinator

What we are looking for?

A person or persons to coordinate and participate in the development of the Robin Hood member pages. The member pages give the coop members a view of their coop holdings, which are represented by blockchain tokens. The member pages should also contain a market for shares (and many other features that we have had in mind and that can be developed when resources allow).

What we offer?

A real-world community of hundreds of members, with a years-long track record of breaking new financial ground and producing the commons.

This is an oppotunity to make a real difference, and to become a key member of an innovative community.

Who are you?

-you know what Github is and how to use it
-you know what open source is, and how an open source project functions
-you understand code at least enough to see what is what in each repo
-you have free time, some hours a week, to contribute
-ready to learn, eager to engage and contribute
-good communicator, with possibility for remote work and video calls

What is the situation?

-the coop has a codebase of the member pages
-the front end is finished and functional, to a point (member login, member sees value of shares, admin login, admin can search & edit member data)
-the backend (connected to Ethereum) works, in that the member shares are represented by Ethereum tokens, and the backend talks with the Ethereum blockchain
-the most crucial missing part:
ā€” ability for admin to set the price of shares and to issue new shares (tokens)
ā€” ability for members to book new shares

Right now, it seems that it is better to replace most of the Ethereum part with something else. For instance, Aragon has developed tools for token management.

Interested? Want to know more?

This thread has more info on the current situation and its background.

as stated before, i would be very willing to help in the system operations side of things, i.e. configuration and administration of any servers necessary to run any of the code. i am not very well versed in smart contracts and blockchain development, and currently it is not clear to me on how much own infrastructure we would have to provide anyway. i assume the interface between users and us would still be some sort of web application that would need to run somewhere? i am aware that there are by now decentralized application platforms that are out of the classic code-runs-on-central-server paradigm.

however, if system administration is needed, iā€™d be up for it.

Glad to hear @whysthatso !
As far as I understand, system administration is needed.
The standard operating procedure is that we will ask you to sign a NDA and then invite you to the GitHub repo.
There is also a Telegram group for communications.
I will be sending invites to your e-mail presently.

is the slack org still used?

No, it has been discontinued.