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Ecological debt and microfinance

There is a concept of ecological debt, “The concept of ecological debt” 2009 Erik Paredis, “Prosperity without growth” Tim Jackson 2009, “Cancellation of the external debt and recognition of the ecological debt” Sajida Hussein 2009. There are organisations like “Southern people s ecological debt crediture alliance” SPECDA, and “Alliance Ecologica” and “Friends of the earth” deal with this matter also. Open Source Ecology (OSE) is one project to improve situation. One way to improve things is microloans. But most microloan organisations are western based, so money generated (profit) from microloans goes to west also. But there are internet based systems like MIFOS X or OpenCBS that are mobile phone + server based microloan systems. Now people in third world can give microloans to other people in third world without large western microloan organisation. So in the future if Ethereum / blockchain thing is continued, then adding microloan system like previous examples inside Ethereum, so people can give microloans to each other using Ethereum or other, this service is not needed in the rich countries but in poor countries only, would provide microloans without additional organisation (if microloan system is build inside Ethereum). In rich countries there are no need for this kind of system, but only in poor countries, if Ethereum ever gets there. However if people from rich countries want to loan money or donate (so possibility not only give loans but a possibility to give donations to people of poor countries using Ethereum, money goes to development aid & health care & social aid organisations there according to list where people can choose their aid organisation and amount of money or amount of blockchain cryptocurrency they want to donate) then Ethereum blockchain with microloan & donation properties must be in use in rich countries also.

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