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Equal Life Foundation: "Robin Hood Co-op: Hacking Finance for the Common Good" Oct 4 8 pm CEST

Living Income Guaranteed by Equal Life Foundation will arrange a Hangout with Robin Hood Coop (Tere) on Oct 4 8 pm CEST. Here is the description:

Can the current elitist financial system be repurposed
to give wealth back to the common people? What kinds of financial
technologies has this activist investment cooperative developed to
democratize finance? What kinds of projects are being underwritten from
hacking the financial system? What are the long term projects from the
members at Robin Hood Cooperative and their proposed methods to make
finance inclusive for all? Join us in our conversation with Tere Vadén,
CEO of the Finnish Robin Hood Minor Asset Financial Cooperative at 8:00
PM CEST/ 1 pm Central Time. You are welcome to place comments and
questions throughout the hangout for Tere.

Facebook event:


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@Tere that was one of the better explanations of RHC from genesis up until Robin Hood Unlimited!