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Event Organising for RH: Volunteer to help

Continuing the discussion from (wordpress):

I have pulled this across into a different thread as it pertains to event organising as opposed to management / web-dev of the wordpress site for RH events.

Thanks for the offer! That is very exciting :smile:

One thing we have been talking about is creating a set of materials that could be good for setting up small local meetings - say once a month or a couple of times a year.

Where are you based out of interest, as it would also be really useful to get some help with the larger offices and pop up labs :smile:

I actually did begin to wonder whether my post went into the wrong thread, sorry about that!

I am located in Tampere, Finland at the moment, but from next year on I will be based in Helsinki. I would be happy to help with pop ups as well as other stuff. I have most experience in organising medium sized public events (say 3000-5000 visitors).

Hey! Really no problem. Everything is still in flux as we build the forum culture and norms and protocols…

The discourse software is actually very powerful, and I got a few ideas from this excellent short blog post: