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Events: offices, pop-ups, fairs, etc

Core developers Dan and Tere.

Offices need

The Athens Office will be November 19.-22.

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10/3-4 Palo Alto: Positive Platforms
10/3-4 Milan: Effimera conferece
11/1-2 Auckland
11/3-5 Sydney
11/13-14 New York: Platform cooperativism
11/20-22 Athens
12/3-4 Amsterdam
1/25-26 Los Angeles

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Great to have the dates in advance, I’ll be joining in Amsterdam. I guess for most people it’s not a small thing to travel abroad, that’s the case for me anyway - I’m always broke, so having the dates in advance increases the possibility of finding time and cheap tickets :slight_smile:

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Will be good to meet!

Noted! This is a really important point - thanks for highlighting it. And these forums are proving very useful in enabling quicker communications with all sections of the coop!

I will be in Belgium in November and December and was planning to come to Moneylab anyway. I can help with organising the Amsterdam office, if needed. I will be coming by car, so can easily bring supplies. I am also fluent in Dutch (not that it’s really an issue in NL, but still)


Great! It will be fantastic to meet in person. It is always exciting when there is a migration from online communications and organising -> hanging out face to face!

Lets continue the conversation here:

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The program for Effimera is now up:

Robin Hood in Sydney 3-6.11.2015

@Akseli is in Sydney meeting people and talking a couple of days about Robin Hood and where we are at the moment in development work. Tuesday 3.11. is a Robin Hood Master Class at University of Western Sydney. Organized by Ned Rossiter (

More info here:


We will be taking part in the Platform Cooperativism event in New York, November 13-14, with a good team: @Benjamin_Lozano,@raphaelechappe and @Akseli. Also @Caroline will be there, Rachel O’Dwyer, and many other members too.

We are thinking of having dinner/drinks on Friday evening in Brooklyn - if somebody wants to join, let @raphaelechappe know :pineapple:

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