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Extra General Member meeting summer '17

Items for the agenda?

Precise time? How long do we carry on?

What methods to use to distribute information? And facilitate the meeting?


Just a realisation - I did some coding for Bitnation and recently I’m engaging in

Maybe it’s lack of ability to focus, maybe it’s a way of connecting with the most forward thinking groups on the planet.

I’d like to connect with you + invest some of my personal money + raise some external funds to further enhance your leverage.

Sending good vibes, writing from the position of infinite abundance and prosperity.

Related - - just you use AI / rocket science to generate profits, these guys stream music that gives your brain superpowers.

(no affiliate, just a passionate user)

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Hey – sounding good! Let’s set up an audio call so that we can discuss – sent you a PM.


Why cannot we communicate?

(all the numbers and other contacts there)

Management performance.
Why did management wait so long to suspend the parasite

Alternative safer investments that the parasite
Asset backed peer to peer investing (EUR and Sterling)

Distribution of profits
How should future distribution of profits be managed

New Token
On Which exchanges should it be listed

Important points from @R_M:

Hello all;

the board has been thinking about the structure of investing the coops assets, and this is what we think could be a good mix for the future. To divide the assets in five roughly equally sized baskets, and invest them in:

  • Parasite2
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • ZCash/Dash/Ripple or a managed cryptocurrency vehicle
  • rent-bearing company bonds

What do you think?

At the moment, we are only using Paresite2.

Isn’t ‘investing’ in cryptocurrencies simply speculation? Like buying gold because you think you’ve identified the right point in its price cycle, except perhaps without even that justification (aren’t prices rising? is that a good time to buy an asset?). Can you really show you have a better than 50/50 chance of doing well on BTC, for example, over the medium to long term? It seems to me rather speculative, in the worst sense of the word.

I’d like to provide investment advice in structuring a high risk pool of tokens. I’ve been investing in the space for a few years and have had success doubling my money a few times by participating in ICOs. Recently I invested in Chronobank, Storj, and TrueFlip.

There are certain crypto assets that will pay dividends over time, and it’s those I’m focusing on now.

Easiest way to contact me is via Keybase, or my website:

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Investing in cryptocurrencies can, as such, be seen as simple speculation.

On the other hand, the existence and use of cryptocurrencies has important characteristics of decentralisation, as, for instance, eloquently pointed out in the first part of this text:

That might be a reason for RHC, whose purpose is the democratisation of finance, to invest in cryptocurrencies – in keeping with the idea that the coops assets are invested somewhere.

That being said, the properties of cryptocurrencies differ very much with regard to their potential as vehicles of investment vs. vehicles of decentralisation, democratisation, etc.