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FAQ on Robin Hood Services

What is Robin Hood Services?
Robin Hood Services is start-up company registered as a benefit-corporation in Nevada, USA. At the time of writing (Sept. ‘15), the team of RHS consists of [these people (Core)] 1. They have agreed to make RHS the top priority among their engagements for the next four years, and commit a majority of their working hours and energies to making Robin Hood happen.

What is the relationship between Robin Hood Coop and Robin Hood Services?
RHS was initiated by members of RHC, but it is a separete entity. See also here. In terms of persons, there is significant overlap between the core teams of RHC and RHS, but they are not identical.

What does RHS do?

  • develops the next generation cooperative as a platform
  • develops new financial instruments and services for the platform
  • makes the running of RHC viable; such as arranging offices and seminars, helps running the cooperative, gives consistency to it

How does it do it?
At the moment, RHS is a start-up with no financing. The core group is using their savings to fund the work and works full time in exchange for equity in the company. RHS also (like RHC) solicits the help of voluntary contributors in the development of the platform; this happens here, in the category of Robin Hood Unlimited.
The cooperative platform developed by RHS is open: anyone is free to use it and build new applications on it. It will also be released as open source as far as possible. The platform is not based on monetising user information. All user information will be the sole property of the user, RHS will provide users tools to monetize their own information.

Why was Robin Hood Services established?
In order to be able to obtain external funding for development, to sustain committed full-time labour and to manage risks when developing the coop as a platform.

Who owns Robin Hood Services?
It is a private b-company owned by the people who have committed to work full time on the next stage of the coop and, in the future, also by our partner investors.

How can I join Robin Hood Services?
Through two routes: by investing or by contributing. By becoming a valuable contributor, the people in RHS may want to bring you in. It is a small team with limited resources, so everybody has to fit in and commit.

Does money flow from RHC to RHS?

Does money flow from RHS to RHC?
RHS has financially supported coop 2.0 development, and the Milan, Helsinki and London Offices in 2015, and the development of the websites of RHC during 2015.

Does RHS benefit if I as a volunteer contribute to RHC?
Not directly. But indirectly, of course; the better RHC is, the better possibilities RHS will have in successfully developing the platform.

Does RHC benefit if I as a volunteer contribute to RHS?
Yes, RHS is developing the platform for RHC.

Why some individuals are involved in both RHC and RHS?
Simply: because they want to.

Is there a conflict of interest?
The managing director, vice managing director, members of the board and advisors of RHC work on a voluntary basis, and, at most, get some of their expenses remunerated. For the most part, they are donating their time and resources to the coop. They are appointed by the member meeting of the coop. No one (except for Sakari Virkki, the developer of the parasite) gets a financial reward, and this can be changed only through a decision by the members meeting.The team of RHS intends to make a living through RHS at some point in the future. And the success of RHC potentially feeds into the success of RHS. You be the judge.