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FAQ on the Robin Hood Unlimited category

What are we doing here?
Developing the coop of the future, as a distributed digital platform, with the working title Robin Hood Unlimited.

Who is doing the development of Robin Hood Unlimited?
RHC has initiated the development, and RHS, as a special purpose-built entity, leads it. Like with RHC, parts of the development are run as open source projects.

Why a platform?
It solves many of the problems of the traditional cooperative as a structure.

  • based on a blockchain, so no central organ is needed
  • open source, owned by the operators/members/users
  • peer-to-peer relationships between members
  • take the coop from a local entity (tied to a specific legislation) into a global entity
  • scalable

Who will own Robin Hood Unlimited?
Its users.

How can I become a contributor to the development of Robin Hood Unlimited?
By starting to contribute. The coordination and decision making happens here.

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