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FAQ: Sherwood, the open source forest

What is this place?
This is like Sherwood or the Marshes of Mount Liang or any of the many other similar haunts of creative social activity and collaboration; the place where the merry band of sisters and brothers collects to create new economic space.
The coop is run by volunteers and developed all the time. In addition, the coop has launched a process, an automutation towards a cooperative of the 21st century. That process is also run on the open source model.

What does that mean?
Simply that anyone – anyone of our members – can take part in doing and developing Robin Hood. This goes for all the things that we do, from developing software, new products and new operations, to marketing and sales, outreach, communications, design and so on. Each of these sectors is an open source project in itself, interconnecting with all the rest, creating the whole.

How does it work?
An open source project can typically be described as an onion. The outer circle layer consists of “users”, people who don’t participate in development, but use what we have to offer; in the case of RH Coop that would mean people who buy shares and that’s it. Moving further in, there are people who engage with the project by providing feedback, comments, suggestions for improvement and so on. And further still, there are people who make those improvements, run the daily operations, build new stuff, plan new strategies and so on. The innermost circle is a group of core developers.
Typically, the further one moves in in the onion, the level of commitment, time used, influence, skills and power over the project increase. The layering is based on meritocratic hacker principles. Only some designated core developers have an institutionalised position. Why? Because they are the initiators of the project, and have called other people to work together on the basis of the vision. Starting now, more and more areas of Robin Hood as a process are organised here as open source projects.

How to start?
To begin with, there are the following open source sections;

How to start? Go to the forum of the initiative. There are spaces there that list various taks that need to be done, and instruct in how to get started. You can also suggest new projects and tasks.

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