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Feedback about the forums

What could be better?

Would like to see if we can find an intuitive way of ordering the forums like they have here:

We should have some more orientation for people new to the forums added here:

For example… a quick description of each of the sections… maybe some highlights… ideally kept as as much of a living document as possible.

@Tere I have added a header menu to the site, with links out to the other domains :smile:

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This should also be included in the welcome pm or e-mail, as well as a link to the introduce yourself topic to quickly integrate people.

What I find useful when joining in a community is a glossary of language specific to the group, abbreviations, in-jokes, Finnish swearwords, etc. This could also be part of the welcome-document.


I’m getting this message on login.

Is there not a setting somewhere to tighten this up? Thanks

Good point. We should move to https.

Anyone here with the skills to help?

did you see this thread? Couple of options suggested

Thanks! Will have a look.