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GoogleHangout; Sat 3rd Oct: 14.00 GMT 15; "OpenProcessing Organisations"

A few weeks ago @ben from unMonastery got in touch on twitter to ask what I and others thought of this post:

You can read the full post here:

Synchronously, we (Robin Hood) have also been taking the next steps towards making the organisation and processes as much Open-by-default as possible (these forums being the latest manifestation of this).

So, we decided to e-meet up.

Join us here - everyone is welcome to participate (we will be recording the event):

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Hi all…

Apologies for the timing confusions. Lets do the time which is listed in the google event.

The genesis of the timing confusion was my setting the time as 14.00 GMT - which confuses that fact that London timing is currently BST. When entering the time for the google event, it then interpreted the time as 15.00 GMT.

So… again - apologies for my lack of clarity in setting the time of the event!

There is a living document here:


Above is the 90 min call between @danielhassan @kei @ben & Sam Muirhead (@cameralibre on

We have decided to meet again next weekend at a similar time and invite along someone from Enspiral.

We’ll also be writing out some bullet points roughly outlining the content of the call / aims / hopes for next conversation.

@ben @kei

We’ve yet to set a time for this weekend. Have either of you written up some short notes from the last session? (Just checking to make sure work isn’t replicated :slight_smile: )

Hey @danielhassan, nope haven’t typed up further notes yet other than what we documented during the call. I made a shared drive folder here for OpenProcessing discussions; perhaps we could fill in the notes doc there with questions, points for discussion, & further steps in next days and continue some of the conversation on the forum.

I could have a call tomorrow afternoon or Sunday - @ben, what’s your schedule look like? In lieu of time this weekend, let’s keep the discussion going in the meantime :smile:

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Apologies @danielhassan I’ve entered my crazy period with project activity - hence the delay in follow up!

However despite no time, I have been thinking about this, and talking to a few people. I will come back here soon and share some thoughts but firstly I wanted to ask how should we proceed? Very keen to continue but won’t be able to do another call until Saturday 24th.

Also on an aside but related, does there exist a decent write up / documentation on your ‘production lines’ method?

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The nearest is here:

If you would find it useful we expand on that… let me know. I love a good bit of meta-documentation :smile: