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Hearing aid manufacturing for development countries

Hearing aid products are supplied in development countries by different aid programs. But what is cost of the individual hearing aid device? Nowadays hearing aid products are manufactured as cheap bulk products in China and elsewhere in low prices for large factory orders. Using large factory order of cheap electronic hearing aids (made in China or other cheap place) for many years use and storage, will bring down costs of electronic hearing aid in different aid programs in development countries. Also “Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid / System” (BAHA or BAHS) is very expensive, one device costs 3000 euros or 4000 dollars. However the technology inside it (microprocessor) is in fact “primitive” type that modern few dollar manycore microcintroller or FPGA or mobile processor can handle, like Kalray manycore processor or Achronix Speedster FPGA or AppleA9 2 billion transistor ARM processor. Apple A9 has manufacturing price of some 25 dollars so making cheap BAHA device that cost only few dozen dollars, not thousands, is possible to do. Altough surgery etc. brings costs making cheap BAHA devices for development countries would open possibilities for people in the development countries to use that sophisticated hearing aid at low price and it would bring back hearing to those who have lost it. Cost of electronics is very low these days, why not use this low cost for something like cheap BAHA devices for those who have hearing or seeing disability etc. Neuromorphic computing is coming to consumer devices and in reasonably cheap prices already. And using BAHA type visual aid that brings eyesight back to the blind are already in the development stage.