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[Help needed] 12-step guide to getting involved with Robin Hood


Lets crowd source 12 steps to getting involved with Robin Hood. We are doing this for the customization of the welcome message to new members of this forum (see here):

Thanks in advance!

  1. Check the master task list to see where your talents may be applied. (Is there such a task list? If not, that would be very useful imho).
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Do you mean something like this?

Maybe that is already good. I think it could be clearer, though: one document with

  • subject (eg. media)
  • tasks (eg. drafting press releases, outreach, …)
  • responsible (eg. Daniel, Tere,…)
  • maybe also priority level, where ppl are most needed,…

How would you fell about setting up the template?

It is a great idea and I can certainly see the value in establishing such a protocol/process AND we’re right at the beginning so there is not a competing legacy incumbent process to try and root out!

Here is a first shot:

Hope spreadsheets are not terribly 1.0 : ) Will try to come in to the Google hangout tomorrow, but will be offline for the rest of October as I will be hanging out in Iran after that :sunglasses: I’ll see if they’re interested in RH shares over there… :smile:

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Does anyone have any links to similar steps within another community?

Here’s a good article on the onboarding process, @danielhassan

Here’s another one:

A discussion with some more links is here

Hope it helps!