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[HELP] Setting up email notification reply

Continuing the discussion from RHU and Law:



Fancy setting this up? Would be good to allow people to be able to respond by email. I am a bit stretched for time at the moment… I know ‘email’ is now your domain.

Am happy to help support you get it done in whatever way you need!

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@danielhassan I would be happy to set this up. It looks like it would take less than 15 minutes. Maybe we could do a screen sharing session and do a short “hello” thing as well.

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Sure! Lets take it to PM to arrange times etc :smile:

Am technically capable, but have had to get better to flagging jobs to be done so people can pick some stuff if they like - not enough hours in the day! Nor development hours / capacities within RH :wink:

So… the “hello” thing would be the most intriguing!