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Help with withdrawing shares

I would like to withdraw my shares, as very little positive has happened since I have joined RH (unfortunately).

I first emailed in 05/18 to before June, as instructed, but never got any reply whatsoever. I emailed again six weeks later, again no answer.

I am really disappointed in the complete lack of response.

I know the deadline request for withdrawing share sis approaching fast, can someone on the admin side of things please help? I’ve been trying to withdraw these shares for over a year now, as I really need the money.

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So is Robin Hood Coop just keeping people’s money then? If not, an update on what is happening is long overdue.

Same here, I got a response via facebook once, but I’m not sure if my request for withdrawal is being processed

Hi Ingrid. Did you get anywhere with this? I cannot fathom out what is going on and my e mail is not replied to.
Ta, john

Hi, I got a reply on facebook stating that the auditing is nearly finished and we might receive the invested sums by end of this year.

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Requested withdrawal earlier here with some other members, without result. Just came to see if any progress been made. Following this topic.

Let’s see if anything happens at the end of the year.


Hi John,

Sorry I didn’t this message until today, not receiving all the thread updates for some reason!

So I emailed again, and finally did get an answer from Tere, who apologized for the delay, told me they were very short staffed and that my request had been processed.

So hopefully, we should see our money back by the end of the year?

Hi Eero,

I did eventually get an answer back from Tere Vadén, it just took a very long time, as they have no staff working at the moment.

So I would be persistent, and keep emailing at

Good luck :wink:

I sent an email to get my investment back some two years ago, but have gotten no reply, even though I’ve been sending same message monthly.

Hi Tomi – replied now to your e-mail from contact at

I posted on this forum about how existing investors are to be treated, proposed way forward and the reason(s) for such a lack of professionalism, understanding of markets and non-existent investor feedback. More than a year later… Still no reply/update. My investment like everyone else’s has basically been squandered by incompetence and naivety. Kids playing at big boys’ games!