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How sick people would heal better in hospitals

In hospitals people get cure from sickness, but how about the amount of calories of food that body of patient needs so patient can heal? If instead of typical hospital food and typical lunch - dinner times there would be special food for those patients that are in imminent danger of death, like those who have corona, and also food would be served not only in regular dinner and lunch times but few hour intrevals, so that patient s body will receive constant flow of maximal amount of calories during daytime, and only when patient sleeps this constant flow of calories stops.
And not only kilocalories of food, also vitamins and minerals with constant flow, for example instead of juice for drink and milk with food, mixture of fresh fruit smoothie is served as drink, also with food instead of milk. This freshfruit smoothie is carefully selected mix among fruits that offer maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.
The food offered in lunch and dinner times has lots of meat (protein), but also there is food times every two hours, 2,5 hours or three hour intervals. This food served in those times is selected to have maximum amount of calories but at the same time as easily digested as possible. That means high calories food, like cakes, cookies, baked roll, swiss roll, bun. Together with those bakery products hot tea or coffee is served, and after patient has taken tea/coffee and piece of cake, then room temperature (not cold) freshfruit smoothie, half glass or whole one glass, patient drinks.
The idea is that when food has maximum amount of calories but it is easily digested, like cream cake, it is digested fast and couple of hours later when body has just digested previous coffee/cake dose it receives next, so there would be constant flow of maximum amount of calories in patient s body when he/she is in wake, and also vitamins and minerals in form of freshfruit smoothie. This constant non-interrupted flow of calories (energy) and vitamins/minerals helps patient to cure from imminent danger, like corona patient who is in difficult state and whose sickness is becoming worse in hospital.
Because the amount of calories is so much and patient mainly lies down and does not move much, patient becomes fat if he/she is in this kind of high calories diet for long time, but much worse than becoming fat is the fact that patient is in danger of death, and this high-energy - high vitamin/minerals diet helps patient to avoid death and become health again. As important is high amount of calories in diet, as important is also that there is constant flow of energy (calories) from food to patient s body, so eating that food intervals are carefully selected so that food is just digested by body when next amount of food is again served. There would be coffee/tea times in every few hours, and with it cookies, cakes etc. high energy food is served and half glass or full glass of freshfruit smoothie. This smoothie is also used instead of typical juice that usually is served in hospitals, and instead of water, only this fruit smoothie is allowed patient to drink in lunch and dinner times, and tea or coffee with biscuits, cakes, cookies, bun etc. in other times with small amount of fruit smoothie also that patient must drink, so that also vitamin/minerals level is always at maximum when patient is awake.
Immediately when patient wakes up in the morning he/she is served with this high energy tea/coffee/bakery products dose, and also last thing just before patient goes to sleep last dose of cookies/cakes is served and this last time without tea or coffee but with fruit smoothie only, so that coffee or tea does not keep patient wake up.
This is more expensive than normal hospital food, but when there is danger that patient dies, that price is small if patient s life can be saved for just offering to him/her high calories amount of food that patient s body can use for healing from sickness, and this high calories amount and high vitamins/minerals amount of food is served fast intervals so that patient s body always when he/she is wake up receives constant non interrupted flow of calories and vitamins/minerals. And in lunch and dinner times lots of meat (protein).
The cost of hospital time is high already, and when patient is in extensive care unit and in danger of death, price is even higher, so if patient becomes healthy faster using this overdose of calories and vitamins and minerals diet, hospitals can even save money, and because medicines and hospital time is expensive already, the fact that food expenses are higher than with normal patient is not so terrible amount of money, if this overdose of calories and vitamins/minerals diet saves patient from death.
If patient s condition becomes worse in hospital and there is imminent danger that patient may die despite all medicines, treatment etc., if simply rising food calories and vitamins/minerals level can help patient, and this is used in such way that all time the patient is wake up his/her body receives constant uninterrupted flow of those things, patient s body can t consume that all so patient becomes fat if he/she is long with this kind of diet, but that is small price if his/her life is saved using high-energy diet.
There should be a study what kind of help this high energy / high vitamin diet will bring to patients who are in bad condition like corona patients, does this high amount of calories / vitamins diet make patient to heal faster, and does it even prevent death of patients, like corona patients who are in imminent danger. If it makes patient to heal faster, and even prevents death of patients, it should be accepted as hospital food for patients that are in bad condition, although high calories food that is easily digested (like cream cakes, biscuits, cookies, swiss roll etc.) is considered “unhealthy”. But unhealthy food can be in fact healthy for patients that are sick, because high calories food that is easily digested offers body a lot of energy.
And cookies / cakes can be made cheaply, main point is that they contain high amount of calories in easily digested form, and this kind of hospital food can be made cheaply using large orders that hospitals buy cheaply or make themselves in hospital if some hospitals have food making capabilities. Similar way that normal hospital food is made with large amounts and with cheap price, those cakes and cookies can be made cheaply too. Price of this diet is higher than normal hospital food, but when mass-made using cheap food raw materials, even cream cakes, cookies etc. can be made cheaply to be as hospital food.
And for example corona patients that are in home treatment and not in hospitals, this kind of “unhealthy” diet can make them heal faster and better, and together with carefully designed freshfruit smoothie mix that offers maximum amount of vitamins and minerals, patient can become health again in much faster time and even avoid death. He/she is probably also fatter than before when this diet is over, but the fact he/she becomes healthier faster and can even avoid death is much healthier than “unhealthy” diet. Also normal influenza, and almost every sickness can be cured faster with this kind of overdose of calories diet.
Also raw sprout food can be served in hospitals, for example bread with sprouts at dinner and lunch, and sprouts with meat food also at dinner and lunch.
“Overdose of calories” means here simply more than daily average hospital food calories level, and “maximal amount of calories” is not the maximal amount of calories that is possible a human to eat during a day, it is simple some more than usual daily kilocalories amount. This constant flow of calories and vitamins is more than human needs when he is in bed all day, but not the calories level which is dangerous to health. It is anyway so much that person then becomes fat eating this high energy diet, but if only few weeks this diet is on, until patient becomes well, in few weeks time person does not get so fat.
In home too people who have corona or flu and they are in home treatment, can use this high energy / vitamins / minerals diet to get well sooner.