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How to report a bug

Thank you for helping us make Robin Hood better. :slight_smile:

If you’ve found an issue with an existing feature in Robin Hood, you can either

report it using Github issues,

Reporting security issues
If you want to inform us about any security exploits in Robin Hood, please contact us privately by sending an email to

###Reporting a Bug on GitHub

  • Register for an account on Github, if you don’t already have one.

  • Search for similar issues. Perhaps someone has already reported your bug!

  • If so, please add any new information or clarification to the existing issue, if you can.

  • Create a new issue. If you don’t find any similar issues,
    you can report your bug via the “new issue” tab once you’ve logged in.

  • Please, always include the page you experienced the bug on and, if
    necessary, a link to the post that shows the symptoms or a screenshot
    showing what happened.

  • Don’t be shy and specify as many details as

  • Monitor your issue and respond to questions. It may be
    necessary to provide additional information upon request or you might be
    asked if the bug still occurs after a new release.

  • Close your issue. In case you notice that the bug no longer
    occurs, you can close the issue yourself (don’t forget to add a note
    saying the issue is resolved).

  • If you find out your bug is actually a
    duplicate of another bug and only notice that after you created it,
    please also close the issue you opened with a short reference to the
    existing issue (tip: if you use a # symbol followed by the number of the other issue, it will create a hyperlink to that issue).