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How to volunteer?

Think Robin Hood is cool? Have some time to spare? Great!

The coop needs lots of volunteers to operate and develop.


The main channel of organising is these forums, more particularly Sherwood. The Sherwood area has topics on ongoing tasks and new ideas. (Check also the FAQ)

  1. Find a topic that interests you in Sherwood.
  • 1b) If there is no suitable topic, but there is something you would like to do, start a new topic.
  • 1c) If there is no particular topic that interests you, and you are fine with some suggestions on what to do, contact Dan or Tere.
  1. Send a reply message on that topic, teling who you are, what you are interested in, and what kind of contribution you are thinking of.
  2. After that, we can coordinate the task on the forum, on Slack (a fancy chat app) and through e-mails, depending on the task.

Happy hacking!


Probably this works just fine like this. Maybe this thing I am sharing is more useful for the RHU or RHS stuff. Feel free to move this somewhere else.

I’ve helped (very little, only few commits) company called High Fidelity. They are making next-gen virtual world but that is not the point. The point is the way how they are managing external workers. You as internet user can participate on developing their system on task basis and get paid for your efforts. They are using service called worklist. I think it is open source project. At least it seems to be in github., although there is no mention about the license. So, maybe there is a way to make it work for us too.

If I remember correctly the workflow goes something like this:

  • Core team or some random internet user creates task to the system.
  • There is bunch of fellows who have money or budget and privileges to accept tasks for next state. We can call them as task owners from here on. They can either reject the task, refine/work more on it or just accept it to next state which is bidding. In practice core team suggestions goes straight to bidding - of course.
  • When the task is in bidding state random internet user can make a bid. Bid consists of description about how he/she plans to implement the task in question and amount of money he/she needs in return. We could have Robin Hood notes here or just forget the money altogether.
  • If the task owner is satisfied with one of the bids he accepts the bid and work can start. Work is done using github. Worklist automatically creates development branches for the task and so on.
  • After work is completed( I think there was more steps between starting and finishing the task but they probably are not necessary to describe here) the bidder gets the money and owner have new feature implemented or something. Everybody is hopefully happy.

Like I said, I have tried this. Works nicely. It takes little bit courage to work openly on the internet under anybodies eyes but I think that is the point here anyways.


Very interesting. We will have to keep this in mind, in case.

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