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"How wealthy people protect their money"

There is a great article from The Atlantic about the wealth management profession and the ways that the ultra-wealthy are simply above the law. It was written by a sociologist who became a wealth management professional in order to study them.

I disclosed my real name, institutional affiliation, and research aims
throughout the research process; I did not, that is, go “undercover.”
Whether I was attending classes or professional society meetings, I
always wore a name tag that included my place of work, so it was clear
that I was a scholar linked to a research institution. When I started, I
didn’t know if anyone would talk with me at all. Somewhat to my
surprise, the majority of practitioners I met were quite willing to
talk, under condition of anonymity.

So, what do people think about utilizing some of these management techniques for say commons trusts? I think it’s a strategically good move, one of those heads I win, tails you lose situations. Either commons are protected from prying governments, or they don’t get protected, which opens up weaknesses for the rest of the wealth hoarded there.