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Introductions - Come and say hello and introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Caroline Woolard.

I am thrilled to learn about this project, and hoping to help make media and experiences for members of the cooperative. Since 2008, I’ve been an organizer of solidarity economy platforms in NYC, including from 2008-2014 an 8,000 sf space, a barter network (, a barter-based learning platform (TradeSchool), and now an arts advocacy group (BFAMFAPhD) and a project to take back community control of land (NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative). I went to Cooper Union, a place that has been tuition-free for 150 years and has no assignments in the arts, so I knew pedagogies of nonpayment from 18 years old on. For fun, I make furniture and performance spaces and online projects that show how much money we’d have if we placed a flip tax on properties sold in under 2 years. All of this work is subsidized by my day jobs at art schools as a Lecturer at SVA, Cooper Union, and the New School (although I have no MFA), and also as the development director for Laura Flanders of GRITtv.

I am new and looking for work / collaborations to do — so let me know if you have some media projects that need to be made!

In cooperation,


Hello! I’m Abhijeet.

I live in Upstate New York, an area economically depressed from decades of neoliberalism; many here are caught in a soul crushing poverty trap. I’m trying to sow seeds of an alternate economy locally through means and ideas much like those of RH. It is my firm belief that the Robin Hood project provides a line of flight for myself and many of my peers caught in a vicious labor market of wage slavery in retails and service industry or a quicksand trap of precarious freelance work–backstopped and meshed into a multi-front financial regime of control of heavy debt burden from student, auto and credit card loans, insurance premiums, data surveillance in the form of credit scores that constrain our mobility, amounting to deep anxiety and depression cycles. We need an alternative. I’m here to contribute and learn.

There are a number of us here locally that would like to start an economically sustainable cooperative but lack means to do so through traditional avenues. After having read the Robin Hood 2.0 grey paper, I’m very excited by the CEO and DOA but still quite confused about the full implications of blockchain and synthetic finance. I would love to tag along in the process of building and testing those systems.


Hello all, I’m Jacob, I joined the co-op a few months ago, partly because I had some savings but partly because it seems like a series of really interesting experiments.

I’m a member of a couple of co-ops already, and as my username suggests I’m quite into co-ops, and spend some time trying to think about how to radicalise them (given that co-ops can often fit a bit too neatly into capitalism).

Something I’ve been wanting to see for a while is a way for people to organise really well online, including managing their resources online - there’s a hodgepodge of tools out there, but they aren’t coherent and often don’t fit together well, and you end up with four different logins to use all your online tools that don’t really add up to what you need. I’ve also been interested for a while in the notion of co-operative campaigning that can be organised online - as in, very democratic ways of mobilising resources, both locally and across continents, to achieve radical objectives.

So I’m most into the Robin Hood Unlimited idea. I have to say that I am not a coder or anything technical, so can’t be involved in that side of it. However I think online tools often need input from non-coders too, and of course there are other aspects to the organising happening here, so I’m interested to see if there’s anything useful I can do here (while also fulfilling all my other commitments…).


My name is William Libert Williams (British and Walloon Belgian ancestry) – and I am a retired infectious disease physician who lives half the year at our home on Prince Edward Island (CANADA) and half the year in Maine (USA). My wife and I are both US citizens who lived in Louisiana (USA) for that last 35 years before retirement. We have four grown children and 2 huskies.

I heard about RH from the Max Keiser Report on the RT network. I thought the ambitions of the organization were noble and the workings of the organization unique.

My only fear is that any hedge fund relying on the stock markets of the world would appear a bit dangerous today. Personally I think the US dollar is going to fall – and fall hard – within the next 2 years. The corruption and manipulations are unsustainable.

As far as what to do with our monies raised for good causes, I am a firm believer that we have moral obligations to help our fellow human beings. This election we just had was a little bit distorted for me because the computer format for speaking and decision making was a bit foreign. But as I mentioned, our thrust should be for organizational education and support of people who are beginning to speak truth to power. That is the only way we are going to be able to truly change the world.

I am really happy that I have become a very small part of this movement. I shall invest more – but again we should be looking at items like gold, silver or other precious metals for investment very soon. The American Empire (like climate change) has already started to deteriorate.


I am a software developer mostly working with Java in automation company. Automating one factory, logistic center or production plant at time around the world.

  • Are you a member of Robin Hood Coop?
  • Yes
  • How did you hear about Robin Hood Coop?
  • I think coop was covered by Finnish media and after that I watched an interview of 3 hoods (maybe Akseli and Virkki and someone else also) from the youtube.
  • When did you join?
  • Couple of months ago.
  • Why did you join?
  • Two reasons: First of all I really like the idea of the parasite. Parasite is cool piece of tech. Secondly I would like to play some role or at least be very well informed about the upcoming blockchain 2.0 revolution. Yes, it is coming. I consider being insider of this coop would be one way to do it. So, yes I am here for the tech more then the ideology. More interested about the tool then the way you are planning on using it. More interested about the RH 2.0 then the current setup.
  • What has your experience of Robin Hood been so far?
  • There has been so much interesting stuff to read and study. It has been very educating and interesting. I’ve been trying to find a place to contribute and help. Observing is also fun. So, maybe observing is my thing. Let’s see.

Hello, my name is Laura Lotti and I am a PhD student in Arts and Media at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. My research looks at the relations between financial and digital architectures, with a focus on the impact of digitalization on the nature and functions of money. I have a BSc and MSc in Economics from Bocconi University, Milan, and a MA in Digital Media from Goldsmiths College, London. So I guess what I am doing now in my PhD is to try to make sense of this quite disparate background…

I am disgusted by contemporary finance and very interested in the potentialities of blockchain technology — so I was naturally drawn to RH. First time I heard of the parasite algorithm was back in 2012, and then again from Jan Ritsema at PAF in 2014. I finally joined a few months ago when my student savings allowed me to. So far I have been following the developments of the Co-op from the antipodes and I am really excited at the prospect of meeting some of you in Sydney in early November and hearing all about future developments. (I see from the newsletter that the Sydney event is TBA — happy to help out with organisation etc. in any way I can. I also have experience in events production)

Here in Sydney I have been involved with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as miner, supporter, general enthusiast (I am not a programmer but I enjoy tinkering). I do believe that the blockchain has the structure in place to redesign finance away from debt and toward a redistribution of wealth, though I have been very disappointed by the way things are turning out for crypto, and I am hoping to discuss these issues with you all and contribute to the creation of distributed collaborative networks.

Sometimes I rant about the fallacies of fiat money, general financial and data trading, and blockchain miscellanea at @lottiland


I’m Brett Scott. I’m from South Africa, but currently live in London. I studied anthropology, history and international development, and then infiltrated the financial sector to work as a derivatives broker for a couple years. I wrote a book called The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money. I write for some publications like the Guardian. I teach at Camberwell College of Art sometimes, working with design students. I run workshops. I do events. I work on financial campaigns and alternative finance. Campaigns I’ve worked on include MoveYourMoney UK, student divestment campaigns, tax justice campaigns, commodity speculation campaigns. I’ve worked with OpenOil in Berlin on mapping corporations. I have a side project called the London School of Financial Arts. I am a fellow of The Finance Innovation Lab, and I’m an external advisor to the Brixton Pound. I tweet as @suitpossum and I write essays for my blog

I heard about Robin Hood through a friend of mine in Sweden called Victor Galaz, who had earlier interview Akseli. Then I skyped Akseli. Then I interviewed Akseli at OpenHere in Dublin, and took part in the office there. Then I went to Milan and took part in the office there. I loosely help out when I can.

I really like Robin Hood because it’s fun, subversive and original


Hi, I’m Ryan, a web developer and amateur political theorist from the DC area.

I heard about RH from Reddit, and joined (last week) because it’s similar in spirit to an idea I’ve developed over the past year, and I am interested in being part of an organization that shares similar goals to my own. This will probably be the shortest post I will write.


Stuart Bramhall, New Plymouth New Zealand. I first joined Robin Hood Coop about 6 mos ago after a friend saw something on Max Keiser about it.


Hi All, I am Mario from Colombia, heard about this in the Keiser report and invested a bit (about six months ago), i joined becouse i dislike banks, unfortunatelly i haven´t had the time to be more proactive with the RH comunity but i am now hoping to interact a bit more starting with the money lab in Amsterdam. I am also an artist passionate about nature and for the last 7 years worked designing forestry projects in Colombia.


Hi all,

I’m involved with a number of projects in the social finance space. The two most notable are - creating demand led products and services in the social investment sector

CIVA:Invest - a £1 - 3 million social investment fund that we hope to run as a distributed system.

And you can find out about me at

I’m here because I want to understand how distributed systems might change the way in which finance is delivered to the social sector.


Hi all,

I first heard about Robin Hood through an article Brett Scott wrote, and later heard the same interview on the Kaiser Report that many of you heard. I also recently met Akseli very briefly at a conference in New York recently on platform cooperativism. I haven’t joined, but will shortly - I am really energised by the mix of philosophy, politics, grit and creativity in the whole project, and am very interested in seeing whether or what kind of sense of social connections can be developed in an online cooperative of this kind. These intros are a great start!

I am an academic, based in Sydney, Australia at present, but with ties to UK, USA and Zimbabwe. I’m interested in the simultaneous power and yet miserable failure of law and legal rules to shape our society. I have most recently been exploring places where activism and enterprise energise each other ( I’ve spent a lot of my career trying to avoid the central salience of finance to projects of social change, but am now prepared to face it head on much more - and so it’s probably no surprise that I"m so delighted to find RH! Will join shortly and look forward to exploring the possibilities of it all…


Hey, this is Andreas @whysthatso currently in Tallinn, Estonia.

I’ve been in touch with rh on and off since sometime in 2012, when Akseli come over together with some other to now defunct Ptarmigan space, and presented the idea of the concept and the software. back then John W. Fail was also part of the team, whom I’ve got to known through this very space, as he was running it.

anyway, i currently work in a day job as system administrator and i do some rails programming on the side, so that’s what i would like to contribute. i also have a hand for work organisation, so that might be helpful as well…

in terms of shares, i’ve started to invest as i started earning a bit more money than is needed for food and shelter. now it’s just another part of where i put my money, and my time.

maybe unlike a lot of statements you read around in the net about rh don’t have big illusions about the project. it’s a smart way to make money, but it stands and falls with hard work meticulously being done right next to the discussions about goals and values.

so let’s get to it


Hi Robins,

I’m Mette. A Danish-born, London-based documentary filmmaker currently developing a project about the Robin Hood Co-op.

The overall idea is to follow the teams progress until the launch of Robin Hood Unlimited while exploring some of the social, political and economic issues it seeks to address through the personal stories of people within the network. This excites me because most documentaries dealing with the financial system are journalistic exposes dryly analysing the problems in hindsight, whereas this is a rare chance to follow a developing story with a positive angle… which also means it has the potential to reach a very different audience.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the weird and wonderful people of Sherwood, and I’m inspired by the mischievous DIY attitude as well as the inclusive inter-disciplinary approach. With a background in anthropology I’m generally interested in how societies are organised around value systems, and how these can be altered through creativity and technology. My last film, Hip Hop Hijabis, had a similar David vs Goliath theme though applied to a very different topic, – two Muslim converts promoting women’s rights through Hip Hop.

I’m working with the production company Banyak Films, who recently did a 6-part series called Rebel Geeks that may be of interest to some of you. We’re very open to fostering collaborations, new opportunities and miscellaneous chit-chat so do get in touch if you’d like to find out more, see the taster tape… or get involved. There’s lots to do. First up, fundraising!

I tweet randomly @MetteMorph


Greetings my brothers and sisters!

My name is Bartek Kus but everybody calls me either Bart or Bartekus.
I’m a strange fella, big into psychology, philosophy, social hacking and javascript.
My background is mainly computer hardware and networking with recent switch to programming and software development. I’m an idealist and dreamer, at a point I was associated and involved with anonymous movement but due to my preference to create over disruptive disciplines I’ve left the ranks and formed an offshoot organization called Araphel.
Aside from all of that I’m a lone mystic, who delves in Kabbalah and studies numerous scriptures and holy texts.
I spend my free time working, learning and meditating - in a way, my life is my work and my work is my hobby.
At the moment I’m involved in helping out Syrian refuges efforts by hosting a family at my old place of residence (to whom I also donated all my home belonging) which also put me on new chapter of my life where I intend to focus on continuation of Aaron Swartz legacy and using my skills and technical aptitude in servitude to and to the benefit of all human kind.

My only dislike can be summed up by one of the old Greek philosophers(poets technically); Homer:
“Hateful to me as are the gates of hell, Is he who, hiding one thing in his heart, Utters another.”

But that’s enough about me for now, for as Nietzsche says:
“Talking much about oneself may be a way of hiding oneself” :stuck_out_tongue:


I am John Burns. I am a senior Canadian Financial Planner. I got my start in digital finance when I was an angel investor in Universal Transactions Inc. Back in late 90s. I invented charity rounding up with my remittance company wiremite Inc. I was instrumental in setting up Toronto’s computer recycling with Resource Project. I also started a car sharing coop Urban Mobility Car Sharing coop. I was on the board for many social service agencies. Past treasurer of Community Living Toronto. Acquired and built Deep Quong Houssing. Currently am the Senior Financial Planner for the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario Canada. I specialize in financial planning for vulnerable adults. By moving over a billion dollars from retail to an institutional model we can distribute the 25 million dollars in saved commissions and broker fees annually to our clients.

I currently lecture financial planners on integrity and full disclosure in their financial practices. I wish that block chain technology can be fully integrated into the retail financial services and make for full autonomy and transparency in their daily financial service interface.


StockEquality is (so far) just a tiny social media organisation bleating out a faint pulse to the world… “just stop rent seeking out our shares and stocks!” : We aim to bring awareness to small mums and dad individual investors just how unfair and inequitably they can be treated by the very boards they employ to run their companies. And big “Wall St” or “Main ST” type financial organisations. We have a particular distaste for the unequal and inequitable dilutional capital raising (AKA as the “secondary IPO” in some parts of the world), dilutional share options created from shareholders equity “out of thin air”, insider trading and other nasty types of behaviour. But we try and champion as many shareholder rights issues that come across our line of sight. We are on twitter and facebook (Group and page).

So it goes without saying we like what we see at Robinhood coop! Looks like a natural fit with the types of causes we are trying to champion. No advice. :slight_smile:

“Are you a member of Robin Hood Coop”?

No yet

“How did you hear about Robin Hood Coop”?

Daniels interview a few days ago on the Keirser Report

  • “When did you join?- Why did you join?- What has your experience of Robin Hood been so far”?

Love the whole principle. No advice.

If no: - “How did you hear about Robin Hood Coop”?

Though Daniel spoke extremely well with MK…

  • “Do you think you will join”?

Almost certainly…No advice (once it’s on Ethereum)


Hello All, I am David, I heard about Robin Hood Coop for the first on RT, later I read some articles on the internet, later on I decided to join because it is a revolutionary project I do believe. Very likely be part of it at this early stage will be very rewarding.
I am a slave of Abraham’s God, hating the suffering of women and children. When not on travel I do work in social health care sector with young people. I don’t have university degree. I love to practice a sacred geometry, learn languages. Currently learning Chinese in Beijing.


Hi Tere,

I bought quite a few shares 2 years ago and wanted to sell them now. But unfortunately no response on email
or on telephone. The member login seems to be disappeared. The new website is unfinished. That really gives me a bad feeling knowing that I need to sell the shares before end of June. Could anyone please get in touch with me?!

Hi Sebastian!

Yes, it is perfectly possible to freeze and sell the shares to the coop right now. Will reply to you via e-mail. (The phone is not an easy connection channel, as we are in different time zones).

Sorry for the delay.