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Introductions - Come and say hello and introduce yourself!

Hello All, I am David, I heard about Robin Hood Coop for the first on RT, later I read some articles on the internet, later on I decided to join because it is a revolutionary project I do believe. Very likely be part of it at this early stage will be very rewarding.
I am a slave of Abraham’s God, hating the suffering of women and children. When not on travel I do work in social health care sector with young people. I don’t have university degree. I love to practice a sacred geometry, learn languages. Currently learning Chinese in Beijing.


Hi Tere,

I bought quite a few shares 2 years ago and wanted to sell them now. But unfortunately no response on email
or on telephone. The member login seems to be disappeared. The new website is unfinished. That really gives me a bad feeling knowing that I need to sell the shares before end of June. Could anyone please get in touch with me?!

Hi Sebastian!

Yes, it is perfectly possible to freeze and sell the shares to the coop right now. Will reply to you via e-mail. (The phone is not an easy connection channel, as we are in different time zones).

Sorry for the delay.

30yo, MSc in CS, based in London UK, contracting as front-end developer, trading my time for money in a Fortune100 high street bank.

I came to know you at Symbiosis Gathering at Hactivist Village.

Many people say “focus on one thing” but this doesn’t work for me.

I added a twist - 50 projects in 50 days - that’s a “one thing” meta-project.

Here are the first two:

# in the :us:
# in the :uk:

Videos are 5 and 6 minutes long respectively, but you can easily watch at 1.5x speed because I speak loud and clear.

Also taking advantage of cheap and affordable credit (and balance transfers) recently got accepted for 3 more credit cards - if I have 0% interest to pay for 40 months - may I kindly invest in you?

Hi. My names Javaad Alipoor and I’m a theatre artist and writer from northern England. Over the last year I’ve become more interested in political economy and finance, and have been reading up and working on a couple of projects that are about live art and theatre responses to financialization. I came across this site through an online article, I think at Stuttgart Office, and really want to get more involved. Will have a look at a few discussions on here, and hope to speak to you all more.


My name is Billy Smith.

I heard about Robin Hood Co-op through Dan, when he was at the London Hackspace. Not a member yet, but joining is on my To-Do list for January.

I’m a musician/engineer.

In terms of music i’ve been learning violin/fiddle since i was 7 years old, did my first paying gig at 15, and have been playing/jamming/gigging “wherever i happen to be” ever since.

Started studying Northern European weapon styles at 12, add in 17th-19th century folk-dance, learning the empty-handed styles of combat, fire-juggling, fight-choreography for stage, along with a hefty dose of Stanislavski, and this morphed into my own personal flavour of “Total Body Theatre”. It’s still a work-in-progress.

Playing RPG’s, computer games, and studying math, led me into studying simulation-systems/modelling-systems, including a lot of A-Life ecological modelling. Some chewy concepts there.

In terms of engineering, i like making things. Physical things. With my hands. Using the lowest level of technology necessary to get it to work.

This led to all kinds of adventures in technological ideas; Attempting to study Energy Engineering at Napier Poly; Studying Audio Engineering at a teaching studio in Dublin; Designing/building small-scale rehearsal/recording studios; Attempting to study Software Engineering at UEL; Performing Market Analysis for Nortel Networks; Teaching C Programming at an FE college in East London; Contracting and sub-contracting for network installation/maintenance; Self-studying machine-tooling, machine-tool design, and metal-casting at London Hackspace; whilst always trying to create things using the minimum-necessary-energy-cost/minimum-necessary-tech-level approach.

“Efficiency is the intelligent route to laziness.”

In terms of Co-operatives, i lived-in/helped-run housing co-ops for 10 years, and, on two different occasions, tried to found housing co-ops. (First one didn’t get off the ground, due to being under-capitalised, and losing momentum; Second one failed due to the ridiculous levels of property prices in London.) Currently renting privately, as there are only three child-friendly housing co-ops in London, and they ALL have long waiting lists, and low-tenant turnover.

Currently looking for prospective members to start a chain of Co-operative Grassroots FabLabs, to provide Open-source HardWare to Co-operatives in the Primary Industry sectors.

Which is why i’m here. :smiley:

Tweet me at @billy74919063