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Just Received this Email from Robin Hood Coop

    1. I haven’t gotten a response to what has happened to My 4,500 Euros I invested 4 years ago??? this is what was just emailed to me when I once again reached out to find the value of my initial investment.

_ll to an Extra General Meetin_g 2019

Hello Members!

As you know, the Annual General Member’s meeting has been ongoing & stalled since the beginning of 2019, due to delays in preparing accounting and auditing. But, we know what needs to be done to get forward.

We will need to hold an extra General Members Meeting to select a new auditor.

This is the official call for that extra meeting, which should be quick.

The reason for the new auditor and the extra meeting is that:

in the EGM 2017 the coop decided to invest also in crypto assets

the chosen auditor, Ernst & Young, has due to its internal regulations declined to do the auditing, since the coop deals with crypto assets

according to Finnish law, the auditor has to be chosen by a GM of the coop

and according to Finnish law, a GM can only have items on agenda, that are mentioned in the call

So, we need to call an extra GM to choose the new auditor

A good auditor ( that is willing to do the audit has been found, but they will not start the audit before an official decision by a GM. Bureaucratic, to be sure, but the protocol must be followed.

In addition, like you also know, the development of the new member pages is still unfinished. Here the reason is lack of funds. Therefore, the board proposes that, unlike previously, from now on the coop starts collecting an annual membership fee. The proposal is 50€ per member per year. That would actually allow us to move with the development.

The extra general members meeting (EGM2019) of the coop will be held on October 13.-19. in, just like the previous general meetings. Opening and closing dates and time of the meeting correspond to Finland’s time zone.

This is the official call for the meeting.

Only members will be able to attend.

Each member will get the individual invite link to the meeting area on the e-mail associated with their RHcoop account.

Watch your inbox for the link to Loomio and other important emails coming up!

The agenda items are the following:

Agenda 1: Opening of the meeting
Agenda 2: Accepting the agenda
Agenda 3: Choosing a new auditor
Agenda 4: Decision on the annual fee
Agenda 5: Ending of the meeting

The full, detailed agenda will be present in Loomio.

All members will get an invite to Loomio via e-mail.

Keep an eye on your inbox!