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Learning from others for Robin Hood Unlimited

Hello all, first time poster here. I love the Robin Hood Unlimited idea, and while you may all be aware of some predecessors to it, I thought I’d bring some to your attention.

This article is a good summary of some of the ideas that have been floating about for a few years:

Probably some of you are aware of One Click Orgs and you may be aware of One Click Co-ops:

But what I wanted particularly to highlight is that I’m told a significant new co-op in London, DIY Space for London, is using the Co-ops UK platform above as one of their main organising tools, including doing a lot of online decision-making. Now the one thing (I think) the Co-ops UK platform doesn’t do that I think is really key, is mobilise resources online and allow budgets to be controlled there. But it is an interesting start.

So I was wondering if a potentially useful step for development of RHU might be to get feedback from DIY Space about what has worked and what hasn’t. What do you think?

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Damn, stuck this in the wrong forum - now moved.

This is a fantastic tip! Are you in touch with any of them there?

Also, great to meet you! Come and say hello:

Hey Dan, I am at present only a club member in DIY Space (they are a private member’s club for local authority purposes) but having chatted with a few co-op members I plan to get more involved and will be going to this on the 10th October

Thinking about it, since the space is so new, I imagine a lot of co-op members might feel too busy to do a feedback session at the moment, but I can test the waters.

Are there any deadlines/timetables for RHU?

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I am in Finland on the 10th - otherwise I would join the club and then come down and say hi!

RHU is in development now. We’re wireframing which should be ready for prototyping with early communities. Concurrently we are seeking Angel funding to build the first product on the RHU platform.

We are working on the assumption/hope that we will get funding by December/January. Once funding is secured it should take about 3 months to build the first iteration… so input within those time frames would be excellent!

So just to say, it turns out DIY space aren’t going to be multi-stakeholder for now - they’ve started with only one membership type. They also aren’t accepting new co-op members right now. But I will talk to them about the platform they’re using when things have settled down in a couple of weeks - they’re still in frantic startup mode.

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