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Lost account

I have been a member of the Robin Hood Cooperative for several years, right from the start.
The system does not recognise me, and since I was unable to login, I have had to enlist as a new member. Has the system lost my funds, at least 2000 Euros, or have they been stolen?
This is an enormous waste of my time, and I want the funds returned to me in full. I do not intend to continue my membership.

A member for a few years too but fortunately with less invested. I don’t have a clue what is going on, the webpage for members will not even open for me and has been this way for months. I have queried and merely got a cryptic reply: "Yeah,

we neither; the problem is with HitFin’s server"

Wish this would get sorted as I was very interested in this project

Hi @johnny,

the situation is, in a nutshell:

  • the new system is not working, the contractor we hired has not finished it
  • we can not do “customer service”, i.e., we can not help members to access the member pages
  • we, meaning Ana and myself, are working in order to get the situation sorted – for some months the plan has been to have another contractor to finish the work on the new system
  • we have no idea when and if this can/will happen, because it is not dependent on us, but on whether we get a i) new contract with the old contractor and ii) a deal with a new contractor – and i) and ii) are the things we are working on

If that sounds bleak, well, that is what it is.

For more details, check the Minutes of the Extra General Members Meeting from August-September 2017: