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New Website

The problem with the website brings nicely into focus the fact that we need a new website, in connection to moving to the new blockchainy backend.

So let’s set up a task force for doing that.

For various reasons, we are doing it the flat file way, atm starting from Grav CMS.

We need people for webmastering, graphics, developing the graphs, etc.

And also ideas of what there should be, in addition to the stuff that already exisst on the old site.

Who is interested?

Hi, I am a designer and frontend developer. I am on the way to study the articles and materials you have published about robinhoodCoop, very interesting :slight_smile:
About the new webiste, do you have already structured a way of proceding?
Have you some material or a repo with the old website to see the contents or some pdf with the Information architecture ?
I never used Grav CMS before, but it seems very easy and cool (I have some experiences with twig)


Best to drop into this thread and submit github user name and email so you can be added to slack :slight_smile: