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An interesting project or a chain of projects from furtherfield:

The Art Data Money programme at Furtherfield includes:

Art Shows where finance, cryptocurrencies and data are made tangible through critically engaging, feelable artworks for everyone. Labs using hacking, play, and artistic techniques to take
apart existing financial structures; algorithms and data flows to
discover how they work and create new more participatory models.
Debates involving an alliance of diverse partners to generate
new conversations, networks, and ways of organising value exchanges
across traditional divides.


I’ll be going to that, as will Brett be there!

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You mean the “The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies” Exhibition?

"Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November, 11:00-5:00pm

Building the Activist Bloomberg to demystify High Finance with Brett Scott and The London School of Financial Arts.

A weekend of talks, exercises and hands-on activities to familiarise
yourself with finance and to build an ‘activist Bloomberg terminal’.

£10 per day or £15 for the weekend - Limited places, booking essential"


@Tere Have a look here:

Check out Number 2.

As part of the Art Data Money programme, Furtherfield will be developing intriguing, playful and experimental ways for people to extend their appreciation of art and to provide innovative ways to invest in artistic practice.

Come to Furtherfield’s art show to get paid:

  • Opportunities for audiences to be paid to attend to be revealed at The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies exhibition that opens at Furtherfield Gallery on 16 October 2015.

####Five investment opportunities for the new generation patron:

  1. Acquire a special edition Rob Myers artwork for the era of digital flows, copying and sharing.
  2. Become a member of activist hedge fund the Robin Hood Collective. Profits are shared and used to generate projects with a commons philosophy.
  3. Trade using Twitter IOUs - #punkmoney is a fully decentralised bartering network for friends, communities and movements.
  4. Commission a Furtherfield Etherium contract that is a participatory (DIWO) artwork, raises funds for new commissions and is exhibited in a future Furtherfield art show.

####Promoting open art criticism

  • Critical Coins makes art criticism more transparent and quantifiable via cryptographic asset tokens.
  • Contribute articles, blogs and reviews to Furtherfield to reach an international audience of artists, thinkers and technologists. Read the current articles here and register your interest in posting reviews here.

####Get invested in avant-preneurial artistic practices

  • Form with us an alliance to conceive and build a commons for arts in the age of the blockchain. Join the new Distributed Autonomous Organisation for Art Data Money. If you would like to join or to know more please email Ruth Catlow

Have just put in an application to run a hands-on lab there:

Hi Ruth,

I sent a message through to the furtherfield twitter asking if the labs
have been finallised. They suggested I contact you.

I am a computer engineer with Robin Hood Coop (amongst other things: I am a friend of Brett Scott (I happened to
build the London School of Financial Arts site) and Tiziana Terranova
(we work on Robin Hood Coop together amongst other things).

I’d like to propose a lab called “Breaking the Taboo on Money and
Financial Markets”. It would be very complimentary between Bretts
workshops and Lab #4.

This will take a historical look at the political / social relevance of
Bitcoin (“Breaking the Taboo on Money”) by looking at the history of
technical and social inventions the came before it. I’ll then futurecast
what this could mean for the future of p2p finance (blockchains, new
social architectures and peer owned platforms with a mix of synthetic
finance, peer-owned-banks) and place Robin Hood Coop within this future
(“Breaking the Taboo of Financial Markets”).

The workshop will be quite hands on and we’ll cover topics such as
blockchains (actually running them and understanding them) as well as
dissecting financial instruments - such as we have been doing with Robin

If you’d like a reference on my workshop style both Tiziana and Brett
have been to a couple of workshops I have run. I place an emphasis on
participation and am quite responsive to the composition of
people/interests/experience within the room.

Let me know if this sounds potentially interesting! I am based in
London, so am flexible(ish) with when the lab might be.



It sounds great with the workshops, both the one with Bret Scott and the one proposed by @danielhassan. Would love to come to but I’ll be visiting the normal exhibition shorlty after it opens, I happen to be in London 22th to 26th (for the anarchist bookfair) so I’ll check it out…

I’m not sure if you’re based in London @danielhassan, but if so then maybe you feel like taking me and my wife out for coffee, chat about Robin Hood? Or perhaps check out the exhibition…? If not then no worries !

Sure! Lets go to the exhibition at the same time - always fun to meet fellow Robyns!

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