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Nonprofit organization that manufactures generic drugs for third world

Third world needs cheap medicines. There are generic drug manufacturers in third world, but they are not nonprofit. So large nonprofit organization that makes generic drugs for third world and distributes them is needed. Portfolio can be thousands of generic drugs. When manufacturing is nonprofit medicines are cheap, and when pharmaceutical factories are in cheap countries, like Nigeria, India or China, nonprofit medicines are really cheap. This NPO needs its own pharmaceutical factories, because if outside factories are used, they take their own profit for medicine manufacturing. If portfolio is large, thousands of generic drugs, perhaps billion dollar - class investment is needed. But there are rich donors for nonprofit organizations, like Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and others. Not only generic drugs, also food supplements, and vitamins and minerals, and aid devices for handicapped people can be manufactured, and health education material (youtube videos and books and brochures) etc. If manufacturing capacity has surplus those really cheap generic drugs can be sold in western countries too, and nonprofit that makes those generic drugs for third world can earn money that way too and invest that money in the third world.
“Developing drugs for developing countries” 2006, OneWorld Health (Victoria Hale), works only for USA, “Access to medicine in developing countries” (Raniah Alsairi).
If this NPO that makes generic drugs for third world has extra capital left, it can design and produce new medicines, not only produce those whose patents are expired, and then patent and sell those new medicines, or let them go free to public domain so third world countries can benefit them.

If you google “developing countries nonprofit generic drugs” you will find that there really are few NPOs that make generic drugs for third world market. Most generic drug NPOs are for rich western countries. One exception is OneWorld Health that actually is not for USA only, but global NPO and now part of “PATH” organization.
Instead of generic medicines those NPOs work on vaccines mainly, not prescription drugs for third world. There are almost endless amount of medicines whose patents expired 2001 or earlier, so generic drug production of NPOs for third world market should be enormous now. But it is not. So big NPO that produces and distributes generic drugs for third world is needed, and production should be large scale, thousands of different generic drugs. Price of medicine covers manufacturing and distribution costs, but because NPO produces those medicines, price has no profit like usual medicines, so price is really cheap.
Medicine production can take place in some countries where labor is cheap, in India, Brazil, Nigeria, China etc. and pharmaceutical factories are either bought and then expanded in those countries or build from ground up. When producing factory is owned by NPO price of medicine is really cheap.
Instead of small scale production that NPOs that make medicines for third world usually do, this should be billion dollar (nonprofit) business with mass production of thousands of different medicines.
“Access to affordable essential medicines 1”, “The high cost of prescription drugs: causes and solutions” S. Vincent Rajkumar, “WTO should institute case-by-case patent waivers for generic drugs in developing countries”, “rebootrx org”, needymeds generic drug list.

There are organizations like Doctors Without Borders that give medical help to people in third word countries. But what good of that help is when those patients have no money for prescription medicines? So although they are diagnosed by doctor, they have no money to buy medicines.
There are health aid organizations, but they are mainly concentrated to provide vaccines for third world. But what about prescription medicines? There are nonprofit generic drug producers, but those are mainly for rich western countries. Then there are lots of generic drug producers in cheap countries like China, India etc., but those are for-profit generic drug producers. So where people of third world get cheap generic drugs? Really, really cheap generic drugs, so that even poorest of people have money to buy at least some vital generic medicines.
The way to make this possible is nonprofit generic drug producing organization for third world. It buys pharmaceutical factories from countries like China, India, Brazil, Nigeria etc, or builds them in those countries and other cheap workforce countries, and begin producing cheap generic drugs, hundreds or over thousand different prescription drugs, producing them in mass scale manufacturing for billions of people. Perhaps billion-dollar class investment is needed, but when this thing gets going it can provide to billions of people cheap medicines, and because production and distribution is nonprofit, price is cheaper than generic drugs made by for-profit medicine manufacturer. When price of medicine covers production and distribution costs but makes no profit, only early investment is needed to make pharmaceutical factories, then this thing can continue for dozens of years or centuries and people in third world would get really cheap (generic) medicines.
Billions and billions are spend each year for development aid in third world countries, but this simple way to offer cheap medicines to third world people can save hundreds of millions of people when timescale is dozens or hundred years or more, and actually money needed for investment to achieve this is very small compared to other nonprofit investment projects in third world countries, comparing how much lives it can save.
Also food supplements, vitamins, aid devices for handicapped people etc. can be made.
And if production capacity is big enough, those generic medicines can be produced for western countries also, and if this nonprofit organization has nonprofit price only for medicines that are sold in third world countries, this organization can add little profit margin to generic medicines sold to western countries, and because organization is nonprofit, this profit that is generated by selling generic medicines in western countries can be used in investments in third world countries, so when patient in western countries buys generic medicine that is sold by this organization, that western patient also gives money to third world development aid at same time he/she buys this generic medicine, because that development aid is included in the price of this medicine.
Also if this nonprofit organization also handles distribution of medicines, that means that in third world countries in big cities at least, is pharmacy/drugstore operated by this nonprofit organization (or some other nonprofit organization). Perhaps WHO or some other can open pharmacy/drugstores in poor third world countries, at least in big cities? Then people of those countries would get medicines cheaply, when pharmacy does not take profit for selling medicines. This nonprofit pharmacy/drugstore can sell not only nonprofit generic drugs, but all kind of medicines, like normal pharmacy/drugstore does, at cheap price if operation is nonprofit basis, pharmacy/drugstore takes money (in medicine prices) only to cover pharmacy/drugstore operating costs, not profit, so then making (generic) medicines and distribution them to patients all work on nonprofit basis, and medicines are then really cheap. WHO or some other big health organization should own those pharmacy/drugstores in developing countries, and at least in big cities can be at least one such nonprofit drugstore/pharmacy.

The price of insulin goes high nowdays, patients of diabetes have difficulties to buy insulin because of high price. Four firms seems to have global monopoly / cartel of modern insulin products. The production price of one vial of modern patent protected insulin is between 3 - 6 dollars, but it is sold at price of 170 - 300 dollars, profit margin is huge. Those firms that form cartel use “patent evergreening” to prevent insulin patents to expire. The principle is that medicine formula is slightly changed every time when patent is renewed, that is done either by changing formula to something that is not so effective as medicine when patent is renewed, that leads to worse and worse medicines every time when patent is renewed, or from the beginning medicine is made to be not-so-effective and later on “improvements” are made in medicine so that patent can be renewed. Either way result is high price medicines that are patented to almost forever but those medicines that are sold at high prices are not so good than they should because they are deliberately done to be less effective than optimal so that patents can be renewed to almost forever. So this policy by pharmaneutical industry cartels produces medicines that are designed to be less than optimal, patients pay high prices for medicines that are deliberately made to be less effective than it is possible.
The situation of high prices put patients to danger, and also making medicines that are designed to be less effective than is possible and then sell them is absurd.
Only solution is to stop patent evergreening in medicine industry. It is clear that high price of for example cancer medicine or insulin puts people around the world to danger. Has anyone counted how much lives are lost each year when new high price cancer medicines and insulin products are priced so high that people have no money to buy them and so patients die.
It is clear that medicine industry, which should made medicines to help to cure the sick is now making people to die instead of curing them. It is similar to blackmail, “if you don t pay 300 dollar for this 6 dollar insulin die, you will suffer”, or “if you don t pay 100 000 dollar for this cancer medicine, you will die”. That is just blackmail, with different name.
So actually medicine industry is now doing legal blackmail with patients lives and simply lets them die if they don t have enough money to pay absurd high medicine prices.
Only way to stop this criminal situation is to stop patent evergreening, because those pharmaneutical firms are clearly criminals, if you kill someone you go to jail, but if you kill million you are pharmaneutical industry firm, or is that what Stalin said?
Patent evergreening is clearly done for criminal purposes so it must be stopped immediately.
Another simply solution is that governments stop paying subsidies for those high-price medicines and start producing medicines of their own. If insulin vial production cost is 3 - 6 dollar and some private firm sell it at 300 dollar price, it is insanity that government pays money to patients that they can buy this 3 - 6 dollar product at price of 300 dollars, much more sense makes that government itself makes this 3 - 6 dollar insulin vial and then sells it to diabetes patients. Has anyone counted how much money governments waste every year paying part or patient s medicine costs who buy expensive medicines? The sum is probably hundreds of billions of dollars around the world. And all for nothing, that same medicine could be made in those countries itself, with their government-owned universities and their laboratories expanded to medicine production. There should be some large operator, for example European Union, USA, United Nations (World Health Organization) that designs and develops biosimilar medicines for example for cancer and insulin, and then gives production licences for cheap fee to countries that need them or produces those medicines itself.
If grocery store like Walmart can produce high-tech insulin of its own why cannot big governmental institutions do the same? The nowdays absurd situation where different countries pay absurd high sums for medicines is sheer insanity, when at the same time governmental universities have high-tech equipment and people with very high know-how of medical sciences. So they can themselves design and develop medicines that are otherwise super-high priced and production can be done in some government owned medicine factory or with international operator like EU or WHO who owns those production plants and then sells medicines around the world.
So instead of buying medicines with absurd high prices and losing hundreds of billions of dollars and euros money each year, countries could in fact make money, not lose it, if they should produce medicines themselves. So they, instead of losing hundreds of billions of dollars, should earn billions of dollars each year by designing, making and selling medicines. The nowdays situation between medicine business and countries governments is absurd and sheer insanity when solution is simple.
And not only producing those medicines for third world countries, those state-made medicines can be made for all countries in the world and sold worldwide.
If some pharmacy firm develops medicine for cancer that cures 80% of people who have some kind of specific cancer, but this firm makes this medicine formula deliberately less efficient than possible so that it has “room for improvement” and then patent evergreening can be done to almost forever. Because medicine is not as effective than it should be, it cures only 50% of patients for example. That means that those 30% of people who have this specific cancer and could survive if medicine would be optimal do not survive and die. So this pharmaneutical firm deliberately is killing 30% of patients to earn profit using patent evergreening. To put it another way: this firm is killing patients to earn money. That is a murder. And of course this cancer medicine is some super expensive several thousand dollars priced so that pharmaneutical firm can have maximum profit with this medicine and its patent evergreening. Another case is when medicine is optimal and cures 80% of patients, but after 20 years patent evergreening is done and medicine formula little changed (worsened) so that patent evergreening can be done, and this new formula is less effective than original, it cures 70% of patients, not 80% like original, so 10% more patients die who use this medicine because medicine formula is changed to some less effective so that patent evrgreening can be done. In this case medical firm is killing 10% of patients to earn profit. Those dead patients are all cold blooded murdered for money. Murderers go to jail usually. In pharmaneutical business they become billionaires. But that don t change the principal thing: those patients die because optimal medicine formula has changed to less effective than it should be so that patent evergreening can be done. Has anyone collected statistics what is the death toll difference for example in cancer patients before and after patent evergreening is done in some medicines? Perhaps hundreds or thousands sick patients die every year because of this patent evergreening thing and medicine formulas are changed so that patent evergreening can be done. Those patients are in fact murdered by medicine industry, it is cold blood murder for money. So patent evergreening in medicines should be stopped immediately. Murder is murder never mind which way it is is done.

Previous post exaggerated the possible death toll that medicines have when they are patent evergreened and their formula and/or dose is changed. But still, if for example cancer deaths, 1,3 million people die in cancer each year in European Union and 0,6-0,5 million in USA, if patented cancer medicines are evergreened and their formula/dose is changed, and this change means that medicine no longer has 100% optimal formula, and it is now slightly less efficient, and this less efficiency leads to total cancer death toll rates increase of 0,1%, or one more death among 1000 all cancer deaths, it is still 1300 people more who die in cancer in EU and 600-500 who die in USA, because cancer medicines are made less than 100% optimal when their patent is evergreened. So it means that medical industry is killing those people to gain profit. Even if there is one in a million chance when total amount of cancer deaths are counted, that patent evergreening causes increase in cancer deaths, it is 1,3 people each year in EU and 0,6-0,5 people in USA. But murder is still a murder even if there is just one victim. And if medical industry makes cancer medicines less than 100% optimal because of patent evergreening, and that change leads even this small amount of less efficiency, and statistically this very small inefficiency leads to only one in million increase in total counted cancer death toll, it changes nothing, crime is still happened. It don t matter if you kill one or 1000 people, murder is still a murder. And medicine industry is doing murder if they make medicines less than 100% optimal, and this change in formula/dose leads to even slightest increase in death toll, in order to have new patent. So it is impossible to pinpoint exactly who this one person is who dies each year because of less than 100% effective cancer medicines, it is just one statistical death among million or more cancer deaths, but that is still the one death that is done by medicine industry to gain profit. Murder is a capital crime that must severely punished. So patent evergreening must be stopped if it leads for example just one statistical death in the world. And not only cancer medicines, there are other diseases too that lead to death and who are treated with medicines whose patents are actually expired already but whose patents are evergreened and medicine formula is no more 100% optimal, and that leads to some amount of statistical death of patients. Sometimes even slightest change may be difference between life and death of patient, and that slight change if this patient lives or dies comes from medicine efficiency, if medicine is only slight less efficient than 100% optimal, this patient whose chance is thin line between survival and death, dies because he/she will not get medicine that is 100% optimal, but patent evergreened version of it. Even if this patient is just one in a million in statistics, it is just statistical probability that one in a statistical group of million patients die, it is still one death too many, and because this death happens due to deliberately changed medicine formula, it is death that is caused by medicine industry so that they can earn profit with this one statistical patients death, so it is still cold blooded murder.
And what is the statistical difference of all deaths because patients don t get cheap generic medicines when patents are evergreened. This is a huge death toll around the world, when all medicines who are now patent evergreened are counted. If generic version of medicines costs only 15 - 5% of original medicine price, and those patented medicines are expensive, it is huge amount of people whose lives could be saved if those people who cannot afford high price of medicine had access to generic medicines. Death toll must be among millions around the world who die not because there is no medicines for those diseases, but they die because they have no money to buy those expensive patented medicines. And actually those medicines have expired their 20 year patent age and should be in public domain already, but because they have slightly changed they are patent evergreened. This death toll around the world is outrageous concerning that lives of those people could be saved but they die because pharmaceutical industry s greed for money. So in that way too pharmaceutical industry is killing people ruthlessly and without mercy around the world for money. It is possible that pharmaceutical industry is among worst murderers in the world, not even Pol Pot has killed so much people than pharmaceutical industry is done using patent evergreening. The crime is even bigger because they are poorest people around the world who are victims of pharmaceutical industry, those who are in hapless state even before getting sick and need cheap medicines most. But this huge death toll each year seems no bother any way pharmaceutical industry, which should cure people, not kill them. This indifference in pharmaceutical industry shows clearly what is the moral of those people who claim to be curing people from sickness, but they happily let perhaps millions of people die around the world if they themselves earn few dollars more. That is a murder too, mass murder of people, that should be punished. If one murder is capital crime, how about the fact that perhaps millions of people die each year because pharmaceutical industry is using patent evergreening. Should there be another Nurnberg trial where pharmaceutical firms are accused and judged because of this massacre of innocents? In patent law is that there must be “innovation” in patent so that it must be patented. In patent evergreening there is no innovation that patent law grants, only very slight change in medicine formula/dose. So actually those patents are not according to general rules of patent laws, patent evergreening is possible because there are loopholes in patent laws that allow things that are not actually allowed because there is no real innovation in patent, to be patented. So patent evergreening of medicines must be stop immediately, it is not only against the original patent laws, it also kills huge amount of people around the world who cannot have cheap generic medicines.
So patent evergreening of medicines is a crime against humanity, perhaps greater crime than those that Pol Pot and Idi Amin have done, and kills more people than those dictators ever, but those criminals of pharmaceutical industry are not only allowed to get away of mass murdering people, they earn money with it. And murder is a murder no matter which way it is done, murder is a capital crime that must be punished.
Why must countries like USA or European Union pay hundreds of billions of dollars / euros to buy for example insulin vial that costs 3 - 6 dollar to produce but is sold at price of 300 dollars? Should countries themselves make that 3 - 6 dollar insulin vial and then sell it to patients, not paying to some pharmaceutical firm money that fills the gap between this 300 dollar price and patients own part of that insulin vial price? So instead of patient and government together pay 300 dollar for 6 dollar insulin vial government can make that 3 - 6 dollar insulin / biosimilar vial itself and not paying huge amount of money, but earn money when government sells this vial to patient with low price. That hundreds of billions of dollars / euros each year is spend for buying medicines from pharmaceutical firms and then selling them to patients at lower prices, like healthcare systems do in each industrial country, is huge amount of money wasted. Not all medicines, but concerning that there are about 1000 medical formulas that are in public domain, those countries, or then international operator like European Union or United Nations / World Health Organization can make those generic medicines and sell them. Patent evergreening should be immediately stopped, patents law changed that allow medicine patent evergreening, and when industrial countries are in economic trouble around the world saving is huge when this huge amount of flow of money, hundreds of billions of dollars each year that different countries pay to pharmaceutical firms, can be reversed and those medicines produced in those countries itself or in some international pharmaceutical factories owned by USA, EU or UN / WHO in some cheap country like Nigeria or India and those cheaply produced medicines then shipped to industrial countries. Not only generic medicines, USA, EU, UN / WHO can design, develop, produce and distribute their own medicines that are biosimilar to those medicines that private pharmaceutical firms produce, and also make completely own medicines of their own design, there are unversites that have high know-how of medical sciences and can develop and design medicines of their own. Medicine distribution can be done with countries own governement-owned pharmacy/drugstore network. If it does not exists it should be build.
So this massive flow of money that is now spend each year when countries buy medicines, can be reversed so that countries itself sell medicines to patients and earn money this way. The nowdays situation where for example 3 - 6 dollar insulin vial is sold at 300 dollar price is absurd. Countries can negotiate contracts with pharmaceutical firms simply, those firms simply sell those drugs at the price that government wants their price to be, if pharmaceutical firm refuses, government can say: “We design biosimilar medicine and sell it at price of 5% of the price you are now asking to us, how much money you will make when we release our own government-made biosimilar product? We conquer your market with that cheap version of this medicine, it is not perhaps as effective as yours, and it has side effects, but it is so cheap that it drives you out of competition. Will you now settle your medicine price to that which was our suggestion?”. Easy. And countries all around the world that are in financial trouble already don t have to pay absurd high prices of medicines, they can now buy them at affordable price from pharmaceutical firms or make their own, or buy them at cheap price from some international operator like EU or WHO which has its own medicine production plants.
So that massive flow of money from countries to pharmaceutical firms can lessened or reversed, hundreds of billions of dollars / euros each year, and actually countries can earn money, not spend it, if they are making medicines itself. The amount of saving taxpayers money is huge, and will help to solve financial troubles that industrial countries now have. Not to mention that it solves money problems of patients that now get medicines cheaply and they don t have to pay huge sums for example to buy insulin vials if they are diabetics.

Nowdays budgets of universities are cut and restricted because countries have no money enough to fund them as they used to do. At same time those countries are paying hundreds of billions of dollars of money for medicines (countries combined, like EU or USA). Those pharmaceutical firms that make medicines have for example price of one vial of modern insulin 300 dollars. Production cost of that one vial is about 6 dollars or less. And then countries pay most of the price of this one vial so that diabetes patient don t have to. Concerning how much of those vials are needed around the world for diabetes patients the amount of money loss that countries must pay to simply get insulin for their diabetes patients is devastating, when the production cost of one vial is just 6 dollar or less. And this is just one medicine that is patent protected practically forever when patent evergreening is used. Patent evergreening is allowed although it is against principles and rules of patent laws, there is no “innovation” in patent evergreened medicine. So patent evergreening must be stopped because it is the cause of deaths of perhaps thousands or millions of people who have no money to buy skyrocketing priced medicines that are actually produced very cheaply but set to outrageous selling prices.
And then those high priced medicines put strain to social security services of industrial countries who must pay billions of dollars of money for medicines that in fact cost a dime.
Research and development projects of universities are cut and face financial restrictions because there is no money to fund them. There is no money to fund them because for example increasing price of medicines is draining resources of countries social services. So at the same time when pharmaceutical firms are getting enormous amount of money from countries when they sell their overpriced medicines, they at the same time prevent for example biomedical research to happen in state-owned universities when there is no money to fund universities. At same time people from universities, for example in biomedical institutes, left university and search job in private industry medical firms when there is no work for them anymore in universities and research institutes.
So at the same time when pharmaceutical firms are getting enormous cash flow of patent protected medicines patented forever, they also prevent biomedical and other research to happen in universities and then they get for free those research people who left university and other research facilities because there is not enough work for them there. “For free” means that countries pay high amount of money to have top scientists to have their high education, and when they have reached the status of top scientist they leave university when there is not enough work for them anymore, and they join private pharmaceutical firms… and there they develop more forever patent-protected medicines which pharmaceutical firms use to drain more money for themselves from different countries budgets… and so countries must cut R&D budgets of universities even more. So this vicious circle goes. So actually when universities first pay much money for education of top class scientists, and then when they become top class scientists they leave university when there is no money in university to fund their research projects, private firms get those people whose costly top-class education has been paid by government. That is actually very clever strategy of pharmaceutical industry. They have win-win-win situation: the more they rise the price of medicines, the more budget cuts are made in state-owned universities and so their own biomedical research projects are cut or stopped completely, private pharmaceutical firms win, and then those top scientists in universities change job and transfer to private pharmaceutical industry. They win again. Clever. So countries are actually paying lots of money to produce top class scientists, and when pharmaceutical industry succesfully has draining money away from research (medical research etc.) in universities every time they rise medicine prices or introduce new medicine whose price is high, those same unemployed top class scientists leave universities for private firms to develop more expensively-priced medicines there, and that means to drive more countries (taxpayers) money to private firms. So countries are in constant lose-lose-lose situation and this situation is worsening each year, each year more and more money must go to overpriced medicines and less and less to R&D in university research, biomedicals etc. when countries have no more funds to support them. This is happening year after year.
To prevent this lose-lose-lose situation happening and worsening every year, countries state-owned universities must start their own expanded medicine R&D programs, for example biosimilar 6 dollar production cost insulin vial, so that countries and patients together don t have to buy 300 dollar vial from pharmaceutical industry. So then countries can make money, not lose it, when their universities produce medicines whose patents are owned by governments. And those patents go to public domain after 20 years as they should be. Countries or international operators like European Union can start their own medicine production and mass-produce them in great quantities and low price. Also research people in universities would have enough money for their (biomedical etc.) research & development projects, scientists stay in universities producing more scientific works that bring good to everyone, not only for some selected private firms, and taxpayers don t have to pay anymore hideous amounts of money that goes straight to private pharmaceutical firm s pockets. So less tax money is needed, medicines are cheaper, and people in unversities are busy and paid and they have lots of different research projects going on and that research is done for the wellbeing of all people, not only for wellbeing of stockholders of pharmaceutical firms. That nowdays lose-lose-lose situation where big pharma is strangling social services of countries and their universities too, while at the same time big pharma has enormous cash flow of hundreds of billions of dollars each year from countries around the world, and all this money comes from every taxpayers pockets and is transferred to big pharma s pockets, and all the taxpayers get when this hundreds of billions money transfer is done each year is new medicines for outrageous prices like 6 dollar insulin vial that is sold at the price of 300 dollar and medicines that are patented forever so this 300 dollar insulin thing (this is just one example of perhaps several hundreds of overpriced medicines) can go forever.
If grocery store like Walmart can produce own high-tech insulin why cannot countries, USA or EU do the same? With all their universities and all knowledge what those research institutions have. And not only insulin, other medicines and biomedical things too.
This hideous nowdays lose-lose-lose situations where big pharma firms are strangling complete countries social security budgets and even universities are suffering and under budget cuts when taxpayers money must go to big pharma firms, must be turned to win-win-win situation where countries can actually earn money, not lose it, in medicine business, and universities have then more than enough R&D money, at least in biomedical research.