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Old computers to development countries overhauled

Now when firms like X-tra PC are selling computer upgrade packs that sell at 25 dollar cheapest, and include processor swap to newer and additional memory, how about transporting old computers of which dozens of millions are being discarded each year, to developing countries. These old computers have old processors, so changing them to few dollar price Intel Atom or new chinese cheap x86 processors (when they came from production line, production is not started yet). In 2014 quad-core Intel Atom cost 5 dollars so 2017 new chinese similar in octacore form cost perhaps 6 dollars or less. Changing main CPU and associated chips with cheap new processors and memory chips and then transporting this overhauled old computer that otherwise would go to scrap to development countries in some foreign aid program or other funding is one way to use electronics that otherwise would go to scrap. Transportation costs would perhaps be about the same level as PC modernization, so that modernization programme is not so expensive. But if cost- free internet is not ebnabled in development countries computers are perhaps pretty useless without internet connection. So some form of cost free internet connection should be in development countries so that this old scrap PCs (laptop PCs, notebook PCs, desktop PCs etc.) transport to development countries would become useful. Using even cheapest new components for processor and memory would make old PC worthwhile again. If people in development countries would have (old) PC for free they don t have to buy one. And overhauled old PC works almost like new one, even with cheapest new components. Electronic waste is becoming problem so instead of throwing old PC to junkyard they can be given to foreign aid program that donates them to third world countries overhauled. Also rather new Symbian phones are becoming useless because nobody is using Symbian anymore, and those phones are almost worthless now. Instead of throwing them to thrash can if they can be transported to third world with free internet connection they would be more useful. But without internet connection they would just be PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) without SIM cards (some phone models work without SIM card, of course no telephone calls or internet is possible, but audio and video codecs work so PDA type handheld media centre is suitable use for phone without SIM card). If cost free internet is possible, even in restrictred form, "old"scrap phones (hundreads of millions of old and not so old phones are being discarded each year, and even fairly new couple of years old phones are being discarded when people buy new ones) could be transported to third world. If internet connection without cost is not possible, then just plain PDA use is for these phones. And one way to use old scrap phones: chaining them with USB to form a modular music synthesizer. If phones are too old to be useful internet devices, but they have USB port ot other data port, their old ARM processors can be used to platform for max 127 unit (127 is maximum number of chaibed USB devices) modular synth that is build using scrap parts that are otherwise electronic waste.

Actually X-tra PC does not offer processor change, it is just program with memory.