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Old Website Offline

Hi Robins,

Just a quick note to say that at some point Sunday 24th April (Time zone:AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) was taken offline.

We’re getting to the bottom of the issues but we’d like to quickly say that no user data / funds or otherwise have been effected.

We will soon be launching a new website soon which we will be announcing in the newest Newsletter.

Thanks for your understanding!

Which reminds me: we need a new website, who is in?
New Website

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Is there any update on this? I find it quite concerning that a website can suddenly be “taken offline”.

Did RHC have no control over the website or its hosting location? How was the user data stored? Was this some kind of an internal problem / misunderstanding? Etc.


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RHC had control over the website but do not currently have the inhouse capacity to set up another server which can host a Ruby on Rails application. We’ve made the executive decision to wait till the new site is published, as this is only a couple of weeks away.

Just to clarify - with the old system RHC has not handelled any sensitive information. All monetary transactions have been made via direct bank transfers - as such there is no possibility that the service going offline can effect us on that level.

Does that clarify the situation?

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