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Organising in the social factory

Continuing the discussion from Introductions - Come and say hello and introduce yourself!:

Hi @tterra142

Really interesting intro (as has everyones been so far).

One of the personal challenges I have been wrestling with throughout the past year of contributing to RH has been the internal struggle with that of free labour.

In a landscape of decreasing jobs (automation, austerity, algorithms), it feels like often all we have to generate something new are our capacities and capabilities.

What are your feelings in regard to this from your research? I would be very interested in your reflections on this - and if you can in relation to the RH project as you have experienced it so far, and also with regards to the future possibilities that have been peaked into through the breaking of the taboo in the financial markets…

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Dear Dan thanks for the question!

It’s interesting how RH started with a provocation: affective rest from labor based in love and personal relationships, breaking taboo on money as the unspeakable in the art world where ‘the highest the culture the lowest the pay’ etc And now there is a core team who is working very hard, mostly for free, to get the project off the ground, contributing time, energy, love, ideas etc. It is a strange situation I agree. There is a paradox here. Everybody is working very hard for RH to succeed, but what does success mean for RH, for its core team of developers who are devoting time and energy to it, for its members, for the future of finance? How is it going to be different from the consolidated model of the start up or the (eventually) succesful tech enterprise? These are some of my questions too, and I know that there is thought going into this and I think it is a very important part of robin hood as well…

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Part of this approach has been the adoption of the ‘B-corp’ to drive the development of the digital cooperative (to help in the process of a possible different route than the normal tech-start-up-gold-rush-dynamic):

One of the examples we have been circulating is that of the approach of Etsy.

It is also an experiment in corporate governance, a test of whether Wall
Street will embrace a company that puts doing social and environmental
good on the same pedestal with, if not ahead of, maximizing profits.

You have hit on something fundamental:

Our hope is that we’ll get a deeper and wider understanding in these forums, as more people contribute!

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Actually this section of the forums should be the place that looks at some of the hoped ‘ends’…