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Ride-sharing app + blockchain = trustless hitchhiking

Just found out about this yesterday, a decentralized ride-sharing app that runs on the blockchain where you mine coins by driving and can then pay for rides with your newly mined currency.

PS: Not quite sure if this goes in the off-topic section or the non-RH news from around the web topic…?


Lets roll with it (pun intended)!

The culture of the forums… which sections / categories are home to which threads is still emergent and in flux… so, I would say this is fine for now.

Now - onto the app. I really like the premise upon which it is being built. Anywhere we have seen the exponential growth, such as airbnb, uber etc where the service is primarily organized through software are going to vulnerable to decentralized cooperatively owned versions…

But, I think this talk by Robin Chase does an excellent job of highlight the problem: platforms are really, really expensive to build - and this should not be under estimated… (this is part of what we are trying to help with the building of Robin Hood Unlimited.

Robins talk:

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