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Robin Hood Faire

Alright, so, of Robin Hood were to organise a happening, rather than an open office, what should it be like?

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I am imagining something of a cross between an unConfrence and a sherwood forest party…

There are so many interconnected networks comprising the robin hood ecosystem that it would also be an excellent place to trial new tools with groups within the networks to experiement with use cases…

Something similar to:

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Would it be a fair in the traditional sense – consisting of exhibitors and customers (consumers)? Would that make sense within the RH concept, since I suppose RH is at least partly about mixing up that dichotomy?

Is there already a clear idea of the ‘why’ people would want to attend the event? To have fun? To take part in developing RH? To have lectures? To exhibit different projects?

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Would like to add: what is the why for organisers? To get the message out? To recruit new ideas? To have fun?

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Well… Seeing as you are both here. Let me flip the mirror: What would you both like to see from a Faire? Consider this a ‘open green field’ :smile:

I think it should be a mix of explaining what RH is (the boring, complicated part), with what it can do (enabling commons-based projects without debt). So for the first one, there should be some talks about finance and workshops playing around with the possibilities, as well as lots of projects in different spheres vying for financing on the new platform.

A bouncing castle for adults may provide some respite from the seriousness, as well as medieval Robin Hood-style snacks, games, jugglers and decoration.

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Brief idea description from the Grey Paper:

“Hood Fairs’ will cause our member base to grow, and will also facilitate
our ongoing progressive differentiation towards a decentralized
autonomous organization (DAO). Hood Fairs are bi-annual gatherings (a
new form of co-op member meeting), venues convened for and sponsored by
the Robin Hood commons, which exhibit goodserv booths, artisan, art, and
architectural workshops, seminars, and panels composed of Robin Hood
members, interested parties, and sister affiliates, with varieties of
commons-building activities. They will be convened online and at a
physical location for a set period of time, each summer and winter,
beginning with the 1st Hood Fair, scheduled for winter 2016.

So, let’s start putting the idea into action …


There is a 25 acre property in Costa Rica named Choza del Mundo that is part of Embassy Network. There are 5 structures that can sleep up to 20 people. It is 2 hours away from a grocery store but there are two usable internet connections.

Would a space like this be a good choice? Is it too far away? I can put you in touch with the owners. I would feel comfortable asking them to donate the space for the event.


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