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Robin Hood is a process

Robin Hood as a project is simple: to provide means of economic power and economic options to those without them. Or more specifically, to create financial services that correspond to the needs of the type new economic agents we are becoming. This is based on the belief that economy and finance are places of creation. The intelligent and creative use of economic and financial instruments, artistic powers and new forms of social organisation can create new economic space that is unfettered by the chains of legacy economic institutions and their modus operandi; economic space that gives room and makes possible to our desires, dreams, wants and needs. Robin Hood builds new economic space, practices and tools, in our service, without the control by unnecessary, ossified and predatory structures.

The project is simple, but there has been a substantive amount of work and thought making the tendencies and intensities interact and actualize. People involved in establishing Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative in 2012 had already clocked years of research and development before the initial launch, including running a beta-version of the Parasite, testing organizational forms and accompanying operations. Likewise, the analysis of the current mode of economy and production, financialisation and its effect on society that underpin Robin Hood as a project, was based on sustained research, both academic and independent. You can find material describing some parts of the work here, the Robin Hood section.

Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative (RHC) is the first official form of the project. And as such it has been quite successful: it has gathered (September 2015) nearly 700 very interesting people in a radical financial experiment, it has provided access to sophisticated asset management with very low cost, it has given the possibility to become a fully empowered member of a hedge fund as a coop with the meagre price of 60 euros, it has organised many successful public fora and interventions, and, last but not least, it has generated 150K capital to its members and to commons building projects. We are proud what we have been able to do this.

But this is only the beginning. Maybe the most important result is that we have realized that we really have the power and imagination to create the financial services and instruments we need. There are so many things more we can do!
Robin Hood is a process, an ongoing agenda, taking different shapes and using different tools at different times. As an idea, it is free, and as a process, it is open source. In its heart, it is all of us. It lives!