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Robin Hood on Twitter

Help us get the word out there using Twitter.

Are you asking this as a general request? Or do you want a concerted effort? :smile:

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In general… though there are times when a concerted effort would also be excellent (for example we are about to announce the projects which got funded - so it would be good to find ways of getting the new about that out).

Do you have some ideas?!

In our team communication software at Exosphere, we have a somewhat ironically named channel “sharing is caring” where news items, project updates, etc are shared to give it an initial push across platforms.

Maybe we can replicate that here on the forums, though I would suspect this forum is still a little too “damned in” to do that. But with a growing number of users, I think we can make up for it.

So what about a “Hurricane” channel/topic exclusively for posting news items to be shared by anybody willing to do so?


Awesome. Lets do it. Have sent you a PM!

@bierlingm set up the Hurricane thread in whichever section makes sense for you - it is always fun to see how people interpret emergent organisational structures :smile:

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This is one place to help social media!