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Hello Daniel,

I would be interested in participating in the development process.
We already had a short mail correspondence regarding HTTPS for the log in and the member area, if you remember.
Short info about me: I have some 15+ years experience in software development with focus on web applications and back-end development under Linux.


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Hey Daniel,
i’d also be happy to chip in with some time.

I’ve been in touch with the project since its early times via the pixelache connection, as I’m currently based in Tallinn. I’ve also seen some of John’s other work, and as I understand the core of still runs on his rails app?

Primarily, I’m working as head of operations in a fintech company here in Tallinn, doing infrastructure architecture, automation and maintenance for a php web app in a hybrid aws/self-hosted environment stacked on linux. I could help with the low level resilience of the infrastructure, configuration management, also in possible compliance scenarios. Here, I’m probably somewhere around upper intermediary knowledge.

Secondarily, I do on the side some stuff with ruby, mostly sysadmin scripts, rails and sinatra api development. as i am not working on this on a daily basis, i have some more higher conceptual knowledge and more higher beginner experience, i would say.

Lastly, I’m also very interested in institutionalizing work processes, and project management. I’m convinced that development along features, driven by a strict ticketing system helps a loose team to move forward, even in small steps.
Hence, I might also be able to help in funnelling feature requests and bugs into workable pieces.

I could probably spend somewhere around 4-6 hours on rh-related stuff, per week.

Let me know if and how i could be of help.


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Great! Roughly how many hours are you looking to contribute?

@whysthatso this sounds like a body of experience very compatible with what we are doing! Thank you very much for the offers.

In the immediate sense we have been building an automated payment gateway. The beta of this will be launched on a testing server within the month so the first thing we will need is some Q/A & pen-testing, and although we have people to come at the services, it would be fantastically useful to have some people with a more technical background helping on this front also.

@juliolucio this is also something we would love your help with!

Once that is done, we have a long trello list of features / bugs etc we would like to work on. I suggest we set up a video call at some point to figure how we can ll best work together.

How does that sound?

Hi Daniel,

I believe have the requisite skills to assist on this front. I’m currently working as a freelance full stack RoR web developer. Though I’ve never used Foundation, I have experience with React and Ember. I would love to contribute, let me know when or how I could help.


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Welcome onboard.

How does everyone feel about the first project we work on together quality assuring the new payment gateway.

This will give us a chance to figure how best we all work together?

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Sorry about the late answer.
I would be interested in:
-Incoming payment system in Stripe
-Bitcoin payments with Coinable
Send me some links of documentation.
Ana told me about BlockChain?

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@juliolucio We will certainly need some help testing out the Stripe payment gateway for quality assurance!

What did @ana_fradique tell you about BlockChain?

One of the challenges we face within RH is how to enable / unleash the energy here to be able to contribute. We’ve got only few within the co-op with a full working knowledge… and there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do the urgent things which need doing, but also orienting those of you who want to get more stuck in…

Here @Polac mentions a tool:

Does anyone have any thoughts on how we could best move forward with this bottleneck!?

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Is it really necessary to recruit people? I mean you are recruiting now. There is lot said about how you can screw up when recruiting and how much work it takes to recruit. How are you planning to orient people? That is hard work also. Could you skip this recruiting and orienting altogether? Could it be possible that someone would be able to orient himself just by reading the code?

There is a lot of talk about open source and community participation in these forums. I would say that first step on that path is open access. Let people “git clone” you. I would say reviewing pull request is more straight forward then recruiting and orienting.


I agree to @Polac.

I’ve always worked and learned from reading code and experimenting.


Ok - very good.

Have run it by the team and we see no reason not to invite anyone with an interest to look over the code. Shoot me a PM if you would like access to the github (private repo).

We’ll consider these the first steps towards opening up the code base completely, but will take it a step at a time :slight_smile:

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@juliolucio We will certainly need some help testing out the Stripe payment gateway for quality assurance!

Ok,how can I start testing?

What did @ana_fradique tell you about BlockChain?
She didn’t tell me much.

I’ve checked out. cool.


Please PM you github username :slight_smile:

gh: whysthatso

these things come to mind:

for the workflow, keep it simple:
my best experience is a central group chat (slack, fleep, zulip) and a simple ticket tracker (pivotaltracker, trello, kanbantool, taiga). for video chats to get to known to each other, and with a jour fix once a week or month or whatever.

somebody needs to groom the backlog, detail discussions are kept directly on the ticket. bigger discussions if necessary in the chat/video.

and then you go through the backlog as you have resources.

forum: got as announcement board, but too slow for people with limited time slots, methinks.

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Lets get a slack for Robin Hood Developers set up:

Just contact there, or PM or post here if you would like to be added to this slack group. We also already have a trello with a backlog.

####Process to join Robin Hood Developers:

  1. Register interest by messaging @danielhassan
  2. PM (on forums or email) giving your email to be used for slack, username on trello, username on github
    2.a You’ll be added to private github repo (please don’t publically host till we have agreed we are ready)
    2.b You’ll be added to trello
    2.c You’ll be added to slack

We can then figure out from there :smile:

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I have started to write out a wiki entry on contributing code here:

juliolucio is my username

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Howdy! In the “Getting started” wiki, the link to the source code returns a 404:

@gardner - it is a private repo to which you need to be added. If you send through your github username then I can add you as a contributor there.

Hi @danielhassan, thanks for the reply. My github username is gardner.

Have just added you.

Also PM me your email and I can add you to the slack :smile: