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Sign in problems


Trying to sign in to the new member portal, but it doesn’t recognize my email account, which I used to create the account back in the olden days. The account name is

Br, Juhani

Hi Juhani;

did you get an invite e-mail to the new portal? If not, it is indeed impossible to sign in. Invites are being sent in batches, you should get yours soon.

Can’t even access the login page. Get an error message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED by

Anyon knows what’s up?
Date is April 29

Is still an issue?

Yes, this is what I’ve been experiencing today.

Thanks – we will look into it
–> @psalami

Hiya Tere. When i try to access the new site at i get a safari cannot connect to server message. I thought that I had re-registered at the new site in March. Is RH also the source of the (panicky) e-mail from Authy that I received? It seems to be related to HitFin which is the address given on the link. I don’t remember anything about HitFin or Authy, though I did download the latter’s app as instructed in the e-mail. Sorry, but I’m really confused as i struggle to get my head around all of this in the first place. I have sent emails to support but have had no reply.

ta, Johnny (

Hi – yes, unfortunately HitFin’s services, including our member pages are unavailable at the moment. We hope to get them up again as soon as possible.

Hi, just joined to add my problem. I’m also not able to access because seems to have issues. Hope there will be progress soon. Anyway, keep up the good work!
best wishes

Hi, I am not able to sign in to the new portal and NO I have not received any electronic communication(s) about my investment, links, login info or anything!
Please rectify this situation ASAP and email me soonest.

Your admin is extremely flawed in regard to existing investors and terribly unprofessional. You may be attempting to enter the realm of the investment arena - but are you sure you guys know what you are doing?

I await your email with interest…
Andrew Boyett-Camp

Hi Andrew,

yes, unfortunately as explained in the July Newsletter we have had both
i) problems in the stability and usability of the service and
ii) communications (due to Ana’s sick leave)
Fortunately, Ana is getting better now.
In any case, you should have received an login link to the members page (which contains the info on the value of your assets) to the e-mail you used in registering for the coop; if you haven’t received it, we will send a new one.

Ok, thanks. Just to make sure: Is ANYONE able to access ?
Cause I’m not. It always says 404 not found. No matter which browser or which device.

I mean :slight_smile:

I can’t log in either. The problem seems to be with HitFin’s server.

I cannot login to anywhere. RH is now stinking of incompetence and unprofessionalism.

Would you care to explain, after several months of email ping-pong and empty promises, the following: -

  1. I have NOT received an email link to login/direct me to a members area.
  2. The links noted in various topics on this forum DO NOT WORK.
  3. Where is my account summary?

I await your prompt reply (directly to my email) and PLEASE stop fobbing me off with excuse after excuse.
Andrew Boyett-Camp

Hi Andrew –
thanks for the questions – please come to the ongoing General Meeting in Loomio ( I resent an invitation to your e-mail). There are more detailed threads there.

In sum:

  1. Maybe the e-mail went to spam, maybe your e-mail has changed – don’t know. We are unable to send new invites, as HitFin is not replying to our requests.

  2. Please correct, if you can, or as someone else to correct by pointing out the broken links.

  3. Member pages have been unaccessible for most of the summer, again due to HitFin’s unresponsiveness.

  4. Most of the coops assets are held in USD, a minor amount is invested in Parasite2. See for details the April newsletter and, indeed, the ongoing General Member’s meeting.

As for unprofessionalism – unfortunately the volunteers (including me) running the operations of the coop have not been able to contribute more time and resources than they have – so all further contributions by members & more volunteers are highly valuable!

I am an old member but cannot log in anymore. I can see the earlier questions about the same issue so I tried to find the email you are referring to but I cannot find such. What are my options?

I have exactly the same questions as ABC here and I’d also like to get access to my account. br. Jouko Salonen

Unfortunately the member pages are not available right now – the system is unstable and we are unable to provide customer service.

We (Ana and myself) are working as hard as we can to fix the situation. We will inform here and in a newsletter as soon as there are developments.