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Sign in problems

HIya, why don’t you dump HitFin or whatever it is that is stymeing the project?


I can’t log in either… I wish I could help you to fix the system but I don’t understand anything about this kind of things. :smile:

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I have not been able to log in since the old site worked. I created my a/c with my e.mail address: None of the old links I have work anymore. You send me newsletters. How do access my account?

I have the same problem. I have never received an email ‘invitation’ in order to access my account. I have requested several times that someone simply send me a courtesy email at the very least. I invested hard-earned money into this scheme and the follow-up has been awful. Surely someone needs to be held accountable for investors’ funds?

Hi @ABC and others!

Sorry for the lack of information – the situation was last discussed in the AGM (that lasted until July this year :slight_smile: ).

There is a description of the current state of the system in Loomio on the AGM area:

In a nutshell:
-HitFin, the contractor hired for developing the new system, is no longer a “going concern”, and did not finish the work they were contracted for
-this is the reason why the new system was up and usable only for short periods of time during 2017, and not all members were onboarded or did log in the new system
-after a long period of negotiations (involving lawyers etc.) we got the existing codebase from HitFin to RHC
-during the negotiations we started working with Luottamuksen Löyly coop (LL), a Finnish blockchain coop, that helped in the code transfer and evaluated its state
-now LL has got a better grip on the state of the code, and we (Ana and myself) are working with LL on a development plan on how to take the code in to a functioning state

So, currently members can not access member pages.

The investments of the coop (and, therefore, of the members) are safe (as they are not, and never have been, “online”; the online system is just a way of presenting & operating the shares).