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Situation update

The books & accounting for fiscal year 2015-2016 are ready now; many thanks to Ana and Satu!
Next up: audit by Ernst & Young and then the annual general meeting.

Where will be general meeting hold ?

Lovely, thank you. :penguin:

In as last year: members will get individual invites to the e-mail accounts they have registered with.

have to register :slight_smile:

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Currently: calculating share values in the new ethereum-bases share classes on the basis of the accounting for fiscal year 2015-16.
Next: checking that everything is correct.

November Update Newsletter:

Currently: working with the order/new membership page.

We have the asset class/profit split pricing ready for all the 7 asset classes/profit splits, so once the new membership/order flow is in order, we can start taking on new members.

Now the onboarding flow is working on the testnet. Making some minor updates to presentation & ironing out a few wrinkles.
Will be inviting first test-users soon.

First test users successfully bought coop shares on testnet! #rhc20

The next step is to move the service on the live net.

Today first test users are testing the system on live server! Big step ahead.

So I, for instance, got an e-mail prompting to create a new password, created a new password, logged in on the new system, and saw my holdings there. Like this:

That is how its going to work for all old members, at least in the beginning:

i) you will get an e-mail (to the e-mail account you used in registering with the coop) asking you to create a new password

ii) after creating a new password, you can log in to the new system

And that’s it!

Here is some info on the new system, on what has changed and what has not:

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