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Support - RH coop questions and problems

Have a question? A problem? Let us know and we will do our best to help!

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Yes i have a question.

When I registered to the site, they ask me how much i want to share. Im not sure did I understand right… I choose to douple that 60€ to 120€ and i thought then it is 50% - 50% like it says when you share 60€. 30€ to me, 30€ for the all of us. Am I right, or what? Becouse I dont understand that…

“50% / 50% / 0.0% <—
-90.00€ ⤽ -90.00€ ⤼ 0.00€” <---- what is that 0.00€ ?

Thank you very much!


Hi @jaacco! The split can and has to be specified for each share (several shares can of course have the same split, but they have to have some specific split.) So if you get one share, you can choose a split of 50/50 or 30/70 or any of the other options for that share. Likewise with the second share, the third and so on. The 0% is the one time commission for the 50/50 split. Check also here:
It may be that the split option you chose didn’t get registered when you booked the shares. Did you tick a box choosing a split?

Glad to have you here!

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Nice! I didnt tick a box, but i think it’s alright. Let see what happens!



As I understood, RH relies on the one algorithm to make profit currently, and the algorithm is developed and maintained/updated by one person only? Are there more people who understand well how it works in RH? If the investments of 700+ people rely on one person, I see it a bit risky.

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It is true that Sakari Virkki, the developer and maintainer of the parasite algorithm, has by far the best, deepest and most detailed understanding of it. He is also the holder of the relevant patents. At the same time, members of Robin Hood were involved with extensive testing and development of the parasite for years even before the coop was founded. So it is fair to say that there are other people involved who understand the algorithm.

In any case, the coop has decided in its General Meeting in 2014 to diversify its operations, including diversifying possibilities of investing and managing assets. This work is mostly going on under the heading of Robin Hood Unlimited.

Thanks for the answer.

Is there currently an issue with the finnish cooperative laws that forces an investor to hold the invested sum and possible profit for 6 months or longer in the cooperative when they want to get their money out, and the money will not be invested with the algorithm during that period and thus not generating profit? This I assumed from how it was explained in the FAQ.

Yes, that is the case; it is a requirement of the Finnish coop law. The relevant § is here:
Yet another reason for moving forward towards coop 2.0 … :smile:

Yes I agree that an upgrade would be cool. I am not yet clear on what it would mean for members that RH “moves” to blockchain for example, and how it would change these aforementioned time-limitations that current members/investors have within the cooperative. Would the existing investments still have the same problem/limitation, and only new investments would not?


I was wondering about the current value of my 4 shares, which is displayed as 0€ in the member zone. What’s up? I purchased the shares 16 Nov 2015 with the 50/50/0-option.



Hi Boppo!
This is because the money from November series has not yet hit Interactive Brokers account. Should be soon now. Here is more on the process:

Hello everyone. Just a question as I’m becoming a bit concerned at how my investment has developed with Robin Hood and am wondering whether I need to withdraw my funds in June. RHC was my first time investing anything - I was really inspired by the social aims and experimental focus - and I put in as much as I could comfortably afford, €7500, in November '14. It’s now reduced in value to just over €5500, a €2k loss. I know the market hasn’t been performing well but I don’t know anyone who has experienced a loss to compare when investing in a well-managed vehicle. But the communications from RHC and the conversations I’ve read from the annual meetings seem quite calm about it.

Money sitting in RHC helps make other projects possible, which is cool. But I’m becoming concerned that my own projects I envisage making happen with those funds are becoming at risk, given their erosion, and worry further that a further market slump will wipe them out entirely.

I’m voicing my decision because I wonder if I’m alone here in my predicament. Perhaps I was foolish to invest so much, and the ‘done’ approach is to buy a share or two as a social experiment…


When watching the IB report PDF which was shared in the forum, at “Historical Performance Benchmark Comparison”, I see that the parasite has made 11.37% profit since inception, which is June 2012 - November 2015.

When comparing to SPX Index which grew 65.71% within same time, it seems that investing to an index fund would have made more profit for RH than the parasite. Unless I am missing something.

Hi Alex,

I can say that everyone in the team shares your disappointment about the development of the investments. For over 6 months now the market has been very trying for funds, including ours. No excuse, but we are seeing the longest period of negative returns and the worst annual return since 2011 for hedge funds in general. Several hedge funds went under during 2015. It is an inherently risky business. However, we are still here, and remain confident that in time the fund will return to profit. We are, after all, investing in the stocks that the biggest & most succesful players on the NYSE are swarming around. (And we are busy developing new features for the coop, including new investment instruments).

About the "done thing”: last spring we had a member survey (with less than half of the current amount of members). Some of the results were published in the May Newsletter. According to those results, it seemed that the investments that members have in the coop follow quite nicely the typical “power law” distribution with a “long tail”. There are some members with larger amounts of shares, and quite a few with similar sums to yours, and the “long tail” is members with one obligatory share and maybe one or two voluntary ones.

Hi Tere - and Teppo_S - just to thank you for replying to this thread and for your frankness. I do appreciate it!


Hi, I am having a bit of a problem with the new ideas/system.
I had understood that I need to deposit money, so that I can purchase Robyns. So I went to my bank and made a transfer to the cooperative. i would have thought that the money would show up in my account. That has not been the case.

Then I tried using the “purchase Robins” option, and ended up watching a sentence"following information will be needed for the transaction" for as long as I had patience to : several minutes.

So: am I understanding somethin icorrectly?
What has happened to the money that I transfered via Bank transfer?

Kind Regards,
Simone Oech


In the new system the money transfers for the purchase of the Robyns have to be made inside the system: first login and then from the link for “Buy More Robyns” transfer the money.

And no need to worry: we will manually transfer the money from the coop bank account to your member account!



Hi Tere,

thank you for your answer! I will be trying to buy Robyns in the system. I have noticed that different browsers actually allow or don’t allow actions. So perhaps I was also having a browser problem.

Kind Regards,