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Sydney; Nov ? 15; tbc

Continuing the discussion from Introductions - Come and say hello and introduce yourself!:

Hey @lotti will try and get the dates locked down here - but have pulled this thread across so we have a home for talking about the organisation and the content of the event!

Fantastic – thank you @danielhassan. Looking forward to it!

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Hello again – really excited to meet @Akseli at the Digital Infrastructures and Economy Symposium and Masterclasses in Sydney next week!

Also, I was wondering whether you would be interested in talking about Robin Hood 2.0 at a local Bitcoin meetup? I mentioned RH to one of the organisers last week and she was very interested. They meet Wednesday evenings. Many apologies for the minuscule notice! Depending on how long you are in town, let me know if this is something you’d be interested in?

Lastly, please let me know if you’re planning and other Syd events; happy to help out.

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Hi Lotti,

In the event Akseli cannot - I will be in Sydney from 15th of nov for a week, and then will be there throughout the whole of January.

Would be happy to do some events in Sydney if you want to help organize them!

Hi @lotti ! Good idea, that would be fun! Do you know what time would that be? Though, I just got a message from Ned that there is a dinner on Wed evening… Let’s talk about this tomorrow? I arrived only today and my head is still spinning, what’s the country, what’s the currency, what’s the timezone :smile:

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Hi @danielhassan and @Akseli , that’s great!

Akseli - welcome to Sydney! The Bitcoin meetups are on Wednesdays from 6pm… Either way, let’s talk about it tomorrow. Hope you’re not too jet lagged : )

Daniel - great you’ll be in Sydney too. Please get in touch when you’re in town, happy to help organise some events here, either from mid Nov or January.

See you guys soon!

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