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The new blockchain system

Dear Tere, my friend sent to me ETC 10 to ETH address just for test, I have been checking balance on I cannot see other transactions than the one by RH yet, probably it takes longer ? Ethereum have a huge potential everybody believe, information difficult to find out what really is going in high spheres. What do you think about Ether Tere ?
Thank you.

also what is “pre-fork” ETC ?

Hi Tere, we tried for several times to send ETH and ETC to my Ethereum address provided on RH account but is not alive or is not online we think, that is, the transactions are not accepted even when RH account is online ( we paid with BTC to get ETH & ETC then send them to my public address ) with out success. Do you know why ?

Chatted with @turexD about the issues right now, some lessons for the whole list:

  • ETH transactions between member’s addresses in work!

  • ETH transactions to member addresses in from outside sources also work

  • whether (as a website) is up or down does not matter for the success of ETH transactions (from outside to the member’s address), since those happen on the public chain

Hi Tere, I wanted to CONFIRM the ETHs I wanted to send into my Ethereum address has been SUCCESSFULLY TRANSFERRED, there was an error on the sender side, that is, the sender realised without confirmation is not possible send ETHs to unverified accounts from his non RH account, so later checked spam folder and verified account… ( my account in his account) Later gave me some advice and I transferred ETHs in very same way from my non RH account into RH Ethereum account and all is right with my RH Ethereum address account :kissing_heart:
Thank you

Oh – very glad to hear that! :smiley:

When I today logged in to my member page, I found out that I now have a public Ethereum address. I also got a list of words that can supposedly be used to derive the private key associated with that address. I got the impression that I could somehow derive the key myself, but I didn’t notice any instructions for how to do that.

So, how can I derive the private key from the list of words?

is what I would like to learn also🔑

Hi - just a query re: the new blockchain system. I can’t understand how In my account how I have $11, when I believe I still should have 30 Euros from my original joining 2 years ago. Also a few days ago, I got an email from transferwise reporting an attempt to use my account. Are there any security issues?

(No response after a week)

…Any reasons why I have only 11$ out of 30€ (originally joined to test out…). Thanks in advance…

Dear Tere, I please need again your advice, I wanted to send some ETH from RH Ethereum valet, that is, I wanted to participate in Monaco VISA® Card project, I was not able to send some of my ETH to address provided by them. On RH send funds page received information that address wrong. I am aware that RH page is in testing mode yet but ETH valet should be ok as you said ( send & receive ETH ) nevertheless have feeling is probably my error, please could you explain gently how to send ETH to none RH member address or valet ?
Thank you indeed in advance for you answer.

Yes, sending ETH should work – and has worked for me.
You are in GB, right?
Maybe we could schedule a Skype call or something like that over the weekend to check the issue?

Hi there,

I wanted to add my input on this topic as I’m a supporter of the vision and long term goals of the Robinhood Coop, so I wanted to say I believe ETH is not the best blockchain system to be used for long term sustainability. It’s far too centralized and complex. I’m not that technically savvy, but from understanding the concepts being proposed around blockchains over the years, I think , and/or may be the best long term solution, especially security wise, as they leverage the security behind BTC’s blockchain.

This may or may not be helpful as I’m not a dev by any means, so I’m just throwing this out there.

Let me know what you guys think.

P.S Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the idea of dumping ETH for BTC, it’s just a security concern, whereas BTC’s chain has been immutable and seems like it will stay that way.

Hi, the invite mail was deleted in the spam folder. Could you send it again please?

Hi @Janansas
unfortunately we haven’t been able to get the new system up yet, and consequently can’t re-send invites.
Development schedule also, unforttunately, unclear.

are there any updates?