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Theories on everything

The universe does not behave like astrophysical theories predict, there is dark energy, dark matter etc., some values of the natural forces are not what they should theoretically be, “Anomalous redshift investigator” shows that even redshift principle is wrong(?). So theory on everything is needed. Candidates are many. Some of them are: Erkki Hartikainen: “An ontological anti-relativist postulate in physics” (only postulate, not theory, and “Mathematics without quantors is possible” 2015 and “A new proposal for the empirical geometry” 2015 by Hartikainen, unfortunately those two short texts are inside his very long net news publication, so it takes some time to find them, nevermind his ideological writings, focus only to those scientific texts). Tuomo Suntola: “DU theory” or Dynamic Universe theory, often ignored because Suntola is not “real” astrophysicist but mathematician and engineer (but worked in World Energy Council and has won Millenium Prize), Pekka Virtanen: “D-theory”, least known of them all, but most about it has been written in english language also, Matti Pitkänen: “TGD-theory”, several books written by him about the subject and other things, Erkki Kurenniemi: “The graph field theory”, if redshift has quantization anomaly (quantized redshift) detected, and fast radio bursts now detected are quantized also in intervals, is graph field theory and its “digital universe” true? Also graph field teory is about trivalent sets, so “Tridimensional trivalent graph” (Wolfram alpha) and “Fascinating triangular numbers” by Shyamsandergupta. TOEBI: Theory of everything by illusion. Some of those theories are bit odd, some makes sense, but all of them seems to be constructed on good mathematics (I don t undersdand math much so I can t judge them properly, someone who understands math understands those theories better). Also: iInfinite-energy magazine issue 59: “A dissident view of relativity theory” by William H. Cantrell, holoscience netpage 2002: “The remarkable slowness of light”, Erik Verlinder: emergent gravity (Margot Brouwer Leiden university), Wisp unification theory: Reasons why Einstein was wrong, John-Erik Persson: Einstein was wrong, “ESA announces gravity-modification breakthrough” 2006, EmDrive, plasma cosmology, from netpage “Not even wrong”: “Theories on everything” 2017, dispatchesfromturtleisland: “A notable paper potentially falsefying string theory” 2018, charge parity violation, Quora: “Is string theory dead?”, “Farawell to reality: how modern physics has betrayed the scientific truth”, “The Higgs fake: how the particle physicists fooled the Nobel commitee”, Matvei Bronstein, Thomas C. Van Flandern, Science-frontiers: “Catalog of anomalies (subjects)”, geometric algebra, geometrical speed of light, Mike McCulloch Unruh radiation, vacuum energy, technologyreview 2009: “The puzzle of astronomy s unexplained anomalies”, GPS proves Einstein wrong, Bell s theorem, from “Anti-relativity forum”: “The quark mystery Allais gravity effect” 2017 (Including subquark theory, Bruce DePalma spinning ball experient 1972/1976, reproduced by Nikolai Kozyrev and Yuri Galaev and others, Sagnac effect paradox and other anomalies). So it is clear that 1: There is something terrible wrong with cosmological constant (120 degrees of magnitude) and cosmological constant / coincidence problem. 2: There is something wrong with gravity, planets such as Mercury, and Moon (distance laser measurement anomaly) do not obey gravity laws, neither galaxies (rotation), nor spacecrafts (flyby anomaly etc.), not even planet Earth (Allais effect, “Should laws of gravitation be reconsidered?” 2011, Rene Verrault: Chicoutomi cathedral Foucault pendulum experiment, Bruce DePalma spinning ball experiment). 3: There is something wrong with redshift, (all redshift anomalies) so redshift is not Doppler redshift, or it is in some cases Doppler effect but in some cases something different maybe. 4: There is something wrong with speed of light (Sagnac effect, gamma burst anomaly from Markarian 501 either in 2005 or 2009 according to two different wikipedia sources, this gammaburst anomaly has according to wikipedia perhaps observed in other galaxies also, variable speed of light). “On five independent phenomena sharing a common cause” 2014 Roger Ellman. Other theories of everything: Nainan K. Varghese: “MATTER: an alternative concept”, “Galactic interface dark surface GIDS” (Alan Folmsbee etc.), Retarted gravitation theory (RGT), “Gravitation is retarted: theory and evidence” (Tang), Marco Pereira: “The hypergeometrical universe theory”. Javerdan effect, Saxl-Allen effect, Majorana effect are similar to Allais effect, “Extension to the cause of the Allais effect solved” 2017, “Mars blue cleaning and Allais effect”, “Link between Allais effect and general relativity s residual arc”, “Is the growth of the astronomical unit caused by the Allais eclipse effect?”. The quasicrystal ( Paul Steinhard) is used also as cosmological model sometimes: “Universe as mathemathical quasicrystal”, “Effects from quasicrystal like spacetime structures”, “Quasicrystal models for dark energy and dark matter”. Einstein-Cartan theory (Einstein-Cartan-Dirac, “Einstein-Cartan gravity with torsion field” 2016, “Einstein GR is dead: viva Einstein-Cartan gravity”, “Gravity meets particle physics via Einstein-Cartan torsion”). From netpage handofmoscow: “Physics close to creating a theory of everything” 2018 (Yasha Neiman and antidestructive space ADS). Dugan Hammock and cosmology. It is clear that sometimes universe behaves like Newton / Einstein theories predict, but at sometimes it does not, and reason why sometimes Newton/Einstein physics works but in some cases it does not, must be explained. Planet Mercury perihelion problem has not been solved using Einstein relativity, and it fails with other planets also: “The trouble with relativity” (Marcus Coleman, The general science journal). There is lots of (gravity etc.) anomalies, Sagnac effect, Allais effect, Markarian 501 gammaburst anomaly etc. The dark energy and even dark matter can be illusion, they perhaps do not exist, patching theories with this kind of stuff that cannot be empirically studied because they are “invisible” is strange science. Erkki Kurenniemi made his graph field theory about 35 years ago, quasicrystals were at their infancy then, he made his theory using trivalent sets, and if fast radio bursts and quantized redshift can be solved using his “digital universe” view or other theory that explains cosmic quantization, if cosmic quantization is real in speed of light. “The curious link betweeen the fly-by anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive thruster” 2016, which claims that “jumps in momentum” in flyby anomaly is due to Unruh radiation. In Jupiter flyby anomaly is 100 times stronger than near earth. If fast radio burst quantization, redshift quantization and flyby anomaly “jumps in gravity” quantization are marks that we are living in virtual reality universe, and that we can actually see quantization steps of virtual reality program which is running the universe in those anomalies. “From prime numbers to nuclear physics and beyond” 2013. Also TGD theory by Matti Pitkänen was rejected because it was “too weird” 35 years ago, but now there is holographic universe, quasicrystal universe, and theory that human creates universe by thinking (called anthropic principle) and other theories that are perhaps even weirder, and they are accepted by scientific community, so TGD theory can also be judged as good as those theories. Also “Binary physics: the theory of everything” Josef Zilberberg, that theory is really weird. “Conformal anomalies and gravitational waves” 2017 Meissner, “Gravitational wave detection data analysis for pulsar timing arrays” van Haasteren 2014 (“gravitational-wave memory effect”), so gravitation waves can have anomalies also that relativity cannot explain, have these been detected or not I don t know. There is also netpage “Novaloka maths on the number horizon - beyond the abacus”, about infinity and math etc., altough writer of that netpage has quite far-out theories sometimes. Newscientist netpage: “Top 10: weirdest cosmology theories”. More theories of everything: “Wave structure matter” (WSM) cosmology (Milo Wolff, Geoff Haselhurst), “Cosmology: what is the simple cosmology & how does it work”, Quora: “How valid is Milo Wolff s scale resonance/wave structure of matter theory?”, Autodynamic theory of cosmology, “Dynamic gravity heory” Sean Kinney 2014, the Rainbow gravity theory, Heim theory (Burkhard Heim, Heim theory is about quantized universe also, but Heim theory is proved wrong?), Wallace Thornhill. “Tired light red shift hypothesis” 2015 from physics.stackoverflow netpage, Max Tegmark: “Our mathematical universe”, “The 18 biggest unsolved mysteries in physics”, “Black body radiation as a function of frequency and wavelength: an experimentally oriented approach” 2012, “Every insanely mystifying paradox in physics: a complete list”. From enterprisemission -netpage: “Von Braun s 50 year old secret” 2011 (Richard C. Hoagland). “Benford s law and a theory of everything” 2010 technologyrieview. My theory is that Benford s law works only in natural datasets that are in nature or composed in natural way without human touch, Benford s law fails when datasets are not nature made but human, when human makes his own random datasets, not nature, somehow Benford s law ceases to exist. Benford s law is working in computer datasets because those datasets are made by computer, not human. More theories of everything: peswiki index directory netpage: “Grand unified theories”, Many interleaving worlds (MIW) theory (“Parallel universes could explain wacky quantum physics”), Quantum information theory (Seth Lloyd, “Entagled time flow” youtube 2017), Laura Mersini-Houghton s theory (black holes do not exist), “Everything we thought we knew about the big bang theory may be wrong”, Geometric unity (Eric Weinstein), Bradford Skow time theory, “New quantum theory could explain the flow of time”, Garret Lisi: “An exceptionally simple theory of everything”, Matteron cosmological theory, “No big bang? Quantum equation predicts the universe has no beginning” (Ahmed Farad Ali, Saurya Das: Cosmology from quantum potential), Edgar L. Owen: Universal reality, Robert Lanza: Biocentrism, oscillating universe, “Why an old theory of everything is gaining new…” Wired, Asymptotically safe gravity, Jacky Jerome: Spacetime model (rationalskepticism: “How to decide on what to take seriously”). There is 1500 theories of everything so these are just few of them. Billions of dollars are spend in particle physics projects. If Simple Foucault pendlum can reveal Allais effect and other anomalies, to study it is simple and cheap, for example hanging large Foucault pendulum at Nasa Vehicle Assembly Building (when solar eclipse or lunar eclipse occurs in Florida). If DePalma spinning ball effect is not explained (it is explained, I read it somewhere, momentum of spinning ball or air drag or something explanation, but that spinning ball experiment has DePalma effect even in vacuum so air drag cannot be explanation, physicsforum “Spinning ball anomaly” 2008 and 2005, DePalma s N-machine is pseudoscience anyhow, it uses ohmic heat, not “free energy”), but if it does have something mysterious, large ton weighting ball manufactred of lead, zinc, aluminum, iron, lanthane, lead/tin mixture etc. soft metal that is easily shaped and then set spinning can be experiment setup. If Allais effect can reveal hidden forces of universe and experiment setup is cheap, why it is not under study? Not much money spend but results may be significand. And then there are other anomalies, some of them have been explained, some of them not. Long time ago I read in “Tähdet ja avaruus” magazine, in finnish language, late 1970s / early 1980s, about 40 years ago, article about redshift phonemenom where milky way distance measurement was used to define shape and size of milky way galaxy, but results showed that picture of milky way was “streched” like anamorphic stretch transform, and distance measurements were distorted, altough nobody knew what caused this strecth or optical illusion in distance measurements. Other distance measurements went fine and did not show anomaly if I remember right, it was about 40 years ago, but only this one distance measurement method brought distorted results, and in milky way only or something like that. My memories are faint, it was long ago, so I don t know if I remember right. So some sort of “anamorphic strech transform” may be in universe. I googled “anamorphic universe” and found out that theory about anamorphic stretch transform and cosmology already exists, “The anamorphic universe” 2015. From TKK Aalto university netpage: “Helium theory group publications”. Quarksdivided wordpress netpage: “Halleluja, bingo, jopie!!” (about relations between numbers and universe). EPR paradox, holomovement, holographic paradigm, “Mind, matter and the implicate order” 2006, “Entanglement and quantum brain”, “Dynamic model of wave-particle duality” (journaloftheoretics netpage), Holstein-Primakoff transformation, “Quantum many-body theory” (coloradu edu netpage). “The speed of light exceeded: upheavals in physics” Chuck Missler 2000. Gravity shielding, “Possible measurable effects of dark energy in rotating superconductors” 2007, 2009 (Ginzburg-Landau dark energy), rotating superconductors, “Honda s gravity modification research”, “Antigravity physics explained” by alienscientist (youtube), TR3-B Astra. From Sffchronicles netpage: “Scientist creates artificial gravity through superconductors” 2011, “Rotating BTZ blackholes and one dimensional holographic superconductors” 2014, “Holographic superconductors in a rotating spacetime”, “Macroscopic spacetime shortcuts in the manyfold universe and the abnormal gravitomagnetic fields in rotating superconductors”, Gravity modification science source papers. “A third possible contender in new physics for energy generation”, Gravity modification, E-Cat energy catalyzer and Brilliant Light Power. If only gravitometer (gravimeter, or gravity gradiometry) is needed and solar eclipse to study gravity anomaly effects, not billion dollar machinery, and that study can reveal dark energy etc., why it is not studied? “Electrogravityphysics” netpage and “Attacking spacetime” blogspot. From Futurism netpage: “New discovery simplifies quantum physics” (Amplituhedron). Physlink netpage: “New theories in physics and astronomy”, Arxiv netpage: “High energy physics - theory new submissions”, new theories are invented almost every day. “Have we been interpreting quantum mechanics wrong?” Wired 2014. More theories of everything: " Deeper than quantum mechanics - David Deutch s new theory of reality" (constructor theory), “New theory explains why our universe is three-dimensional” sci-news netpage 2017 (Flux tube theory), Trendsinphysics netpage: “Our new theory of relativity”, “Why does time advance? Richard Muller s new theory” (youtube), Quantum atom theory (Nick Harvey), “A radical vision of the universe returns to electrify physics” Wired 2017 (Geoffrey Chew, Bootstrap method). James A. Putnam: “New physics theory” 2015, from williamjames netpage:“Consciousness and the new physics - new thinking”, Marcus Arvan: “A new theory of free will”. “Researchers find quantum Maxwell s demon may give up information to extract work”. Physics beyond the standard model BSM, Preon model, Higgsless model. Already 2007 was published that dark energy can be observed using rotating superconductors, 11 years ago, and nothing significand has happened in rotating superconductor research. These studies are much cheaper than billion dollar particle collider experiments, but when 2007 measured dark energy was observed, It was 11 years ago, and nobody seems to be interested to make observations of dark energy cheaply using superconductors, not particle colliders. There is no institute or university that is so poor that it cannot afford a couple of rotating superconductors and start examining this phenomenom. It would be much cheaper dark energy study than particle collider. Altough few papers have appeared since 2007, only few people study rotating superconductors, when simultaneusly huge sums are aimed to particle colliders and for example Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. Simple rotating superconductor study can offer knowledge of dark energy, with cost that is bargain price. Even cheaper would be Foucault pendulum or gravimeter experiments during solar eclipse, or spinning ball experiments. Extented Heim theory, “Physicists discover flaws in superconductor theory” 2016, “Electromagnetic dark energy and gravitoelectrodynamics”, “Researchers discover possible clue to identity of dark energy”, “A general holographic insulator/superconductor model with dark matter sector away from the probe line” 2017, “Simulated emissions of dark matter axion from condensed…”, “Mysterious force could determine whether life exists in multiverse” 2018, “Exotic material as interactions between scalar fields”, Majorana fermion, “New clues emerge in 30-year-old superconductor mystery”, “Superconductors inspire quantum test for dark energy”, “Testing loop quantum gravity electromagnetic dark energy in superconductor”. Quantization of redshift, fast radio bursts and flyby anomaly gravity jumps may also be marks of loop quantum gravity models quantization in macroscopic scale, or marks of other quantization in cosmological theories. “The dark energy s scale in superconductors: innovative theoretical and experimental concepts”, dark energy warp drive, physicsforums: “Superconductor dark matter detection?”, Arxiv: “Superconducting dark energy”, negative energy, “Elusive dark matter may have already been found” 2013, “Quantum space element theory (QSE)”, “New doubts on dark energy”, “Could dark energy just be frozen neutrinos?”, Large Underground Xenon experiment LUX, “New techniques could target more exotic dark matter”, Quora: “Is spacetime quantized?” (“the similarity in number progression suggests that there is correspondance between electron energy-shell levels and acceleration in a gravitational field”), “Experiment finds evidence of Majorana fermion”, “An attempt to resolve the cosmological constant problem” Arxiv 4.2. 2018, “Theory of quantized space-Spazionica”, “The quantized space: a model of the universe - time and space” Sterea, Sterba, “Nonbaryonic dark matter as baryonic colour superconductor” 2001. About space(-time) quantization: Scale relativity, Macroquantum mechanics, macroscopic spacetime quantization, Pregeometry, Problem of time, quantized spacetime. “Splitting time from space - new quantum theory topples Einstein s spacetime”, “Quantized space-time, torsion and magnetic monopoles”, researchgate: “On quantized spacetime and its influence on two physical…”, from viXra netpage: “Quantized fabric of space and time”, Sepp Hasslberger 2007: “Quantized space: evolution in a universe of frequency”, Thad Roberts: “Quantum space theory (QST)”, “Space-time quantization and matrix model”, A. Meessen: “Space-time quantization”, “Kantowski-Sachs spacetime in loop quantum cosmology”, “Quantum gravity: a heretical vision”, Graig J. Hogan: “Holography undeterminacy, uncerntainty and noise”, “Quantum gravity in Heisenberg representation, and self-con system theory of gravitation in macroscopic spacetime”, “Quantization of horizon energy and the thermodynamics of spacetime elementary particles”, inspirehep netpage: " An introduction to noetic field theory: quantization", “Construction of spacetime field and quantization of general relativity”, “Experiments probing macroscpic limits of QM” 2018, Touhoku university: “Spacetime quantization geometry”. If scale relativity model solves quantized redshift problem, could it also solve quantized frequency intervals of fast radio bursts and quantized gravity of flyby anomaly? Those are all quantization of macroscopic level in space, and macroscopic space(time) quantization is happening in redshift, fast radio bursts and in flyby anomaly? Googling “macroscopic spacetime quantization” brings results and some of them are listed above. If scale relativity is only model that solves those three anomalies (or some of them) does that then mean that scale relativity is right description of universe, and other models are wrong because they cannot explain redshift quantization or other macroscopic level quantization? “An introduction to second quantization (from one Fock space to another Fock space)”. “Plausible explanation of quantization of intrinsic redshift from Hall effect and Weyl quantization”, Lehto-Tifft redshift quantization, Rationalwiki: Doppler effect, Reddit 2015: “Redshift quantization in high resolution plot of the 2nd data release of the Sloan digital sky survey”, “Halton Arp s discoveries about redshift”, Anomalous redshift investigator. Matti Pitkänen in his TGD theory also has something about macroscopic quantization of spacetime. Googling “gravity spacetime anomaly” brings many results also, like: Weyl anomaly, Gravitational anomaly, Quantum field theory in curved spacetime, Spacetime torsion, “Newtonian gravity on quantum spacetime”, “From fluid dynamics to gravity and back”, “Possible explanation for muon G-2 anomaly: gravity” 2018, Gravity Probe B, “Anomalies and gravity”, “Gravity in nLab”, “Fractal spacetime and noncommutal geometry”, “Gravitational anomalies seen in lab crystal”, “Counterterms an dual holographic anomalies in CS”, “Boundary effect of anomaly-induced action in curved spacetime”, “Spacetime structures from critical values in two…”, “Scientists just observed an effect of gravity on tiny…”, “Gauge anomalies: an effective field theory”, “Anomalous Lense-Thirring precession”, “Anisotropic Weyl anomalies and Lishitz holography”, “The “parity” anomaly on an unorientable manifold” 2016 Witten. From mrelativity netpage: “Millenium theory of relativity”, mrelativity / alternative sites, Ajay Sharman: “Einstein s E=MC2 generalized”. “Scale expanding cosmos theory” (SEC). Gauge theory, Green-Schwartz mechanism, “Gravitational anomaly and fundamental forces” J.J. van der Bij, “Fundamental quantum anomaly observed on earth”, “Electroweak interactions and dark baryons”, “The D-material universe” Thomas Elghozi, “Outline of E8 physics by Frank Dodd, Tony Smith Jr.”, Sphaleron, “Matter-parity and residual gauge symmetry”, topological string theory, “Scientists reveal mind boggling secrets of universe you won t believe” 2018, “Realistic anomaly mediation with bulk gauge fields”, “Anomaly meltdown: journal of mathematical physics”, “Does a fifth force permeat the universe?”, “Is the universe obsolete - a gallery of multiverse theories”, Brans-Dicke-Maxwell theory, “Conformally sequestered supersymmetry breaking in…”, modern searches for Lorentz violation, “Smarr formula for Einstein-aether-Maxwell theory” 2018. Googling “universe gauge anomaly” brings many results, some of them above. And then: “Phenomenological quantum gravity”, Dark Energy Survey, “Neutron anomaly might point to dark energy”, “Galaxy without dark matter baffles scientists”, “Dark matter interpretation of the neutron decay anomaly”, “Multiverse theories cops a blow after dark energy findings”, “The EDGES 21cm anomaly and properties of dark matter”, “Severely constraining dark-matter interpretations of the 21cm anomaly”, “Cosmological dark energy: prospects for a dynamic theory”, “New horizons in gravity: the trace anomaly, dark energy and condensate stars”, “Who needs dark matter? An alternative explanation for the galactic rotation anomaly”, “China s dark matter probe just detected… something very interesting”, “Large scale cosmological anomalies and inhomogenous dark energy”, “Our universe via Drexler dark matter” Jerome Drexler. Nobody has paid attention to Erkki Kurenniemi s Graph field theory and its trivalent sets cosmology and its particle predictions. Graph field theory was written in early 1980s but its last version is from 1991. D-theory by Pekka Virtanen is perhaps one of the simplest theories of everything (I don tknow, I am not a mathematician), but nobody has noticed it either. Theory of everything by illusion (TOEBI) and DU-theory by Tuomo Suntola, TGD-theory, those five (D-theory, DU-theory, Graph field theory, TOEBI and TGD) are perhaps most interesting cosmological theories that have emerged from Finland, altough all five are dubbed as “pseudoscience” in Finland because they are not according to generally accepted models of physics. Matti Pitkänen and his Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) is bit odd theory, but interesting, and he has written over thousand pages of books about different ideas, not just about theory of everything. Erkki Hartikainen (antirelativist postulate, new proposal for empirical geometry, mathematics without quantors is possible), Erkki Kurenniemi, Tuomo Suntola and Matti Pitkänen all have long and established academic career. But still when those well respected scientists published their scientific theories those were labeled as “pseudoscience” in Finland, because they are not according to scientific establishment that rules in finnish universities etc. Pitkänen also has his “TGD diary” blog, about for example halving of the unit of angular momentum of photons, gauge theory family replication, and two different Hubble constants. TGD is mentioned in some “polarized vacuum” (Jerry Decker) and “fuzzy topology” texts (“Supra fuzzy topological spaces: fuzzy topology”). More theories: rationalwiki: Alternate cosmology. More: “On the alternative theories of cosmology” 2013, the (2,0) theory, also called 6D(2,0) theory, “New cosmological theory of secondary inflation avoids excess of dark matter”, “New cosmological theory goes inflation free”, “Big bang abonded in new model of the universe” 2010, “New theory turns back clock on conditions behind universe s origin”, “Big brain theory: have cosmologists lost theirs?”, Martinus cosmology, from markmason netpage: “Stationary energy theory of cosmology”, “Trillion theory - new cosmic view”, “New cosmic theory unites dark forces” 2008. Wikipedia: Cosmogony, Non-standard cosmology, Criticism of the theory of relativity. Other netpages: Arxiv: General relativity and quantum cosmology, High energy physics - theory authors/titles “new”, “Dynamics of the universe in problems” (book and netpage), “The worldwide list of alternate theories and critics” (book and netpage), Dissident Science (Youtube), Quora: topic/cosmology, astro ucla edu netpage: “Previous what s new in cosmology”, Kinsella law netpage: “Dissident physics”, amasci ratbag netpage: “Dissident alternative physics” (and amasci Weird science and Ratbag antiphysics rag pages), Cosmology Statement. Dynamic Steady State Universe, Charles Sven: “All new cosmology”, Peter Beckmann, Paul Marmet. Dave Seagraves: “A new cosmology”, Brian Swimme: “Story of the universe”, Thomas E. Phipps Jr., “Rethinking relativity” (Tom Bethel), “40-year cosmic theory confirmed”, “The paradoxes that threaten to tear modern cosmology apart”, “Human eye, that “clunky design”, to be used to confirm, or disconfirm, quantum mechanics”, “Study plunges standard theory of cosmology into crisis”, Allan Sandage solves 100 year old mystery, “The strange topology that is reshaping physics”, “If you think quantum physics is weird, try these theories”. In “Worldwide list of dissident scientists” is 9000 names and they have made over 1000 different scientific theories. If there is 9000 “dissident” scientists, that is not fringe physics but rebel movement against mainstream science. Natural Philosophy Alliance / John Chappell natural philosophy society offers forum for some of them. EmDrive is proved to be working, how many other rejected “impossible” innovations or theories there is to be found? That are still rejected by mainstream scientists, but however offer solutions to unsolved problems of science. Ronald Mallett, skyrmion, knotted skyrmion, “Physicists just discovered a totally new form of light”, Bimetric gravity, DGP model of gravity, Ensemble interpretation, Chameleon field dark energy, Matteron theory Mike Hodges, Alan Folmsbee: fcgravity blogspot, Gravity volume theory, Fusion continuum gravity, Antidestructive space ADS, abovetopsecret: “The sun s gravity could be used to create interstellar communication network”, physics stackexchange: “The sun as a gravitational lens” 2011, “A major physics experiment just detected a particle that should not exist”, “Another dark matter search fails - shedding light on the universe”, “The search for “dark matter” and “dark energy” just got interesting”, DarkSide-50. And then there is Benford s law: “Nature s startling clue - conformal symmetry” (Robert Oldershaw), “Benford s law: a new empirical investigation and a novel explanation”, “Is Benford s law universal behavioral theory?”, “Abstract - Benford s law in astronomy”, “Benford s law and the universe”, “Hubble s law implies Benford s law for distances to galaxies”. “Benford s law, Zipf s law and Pareto distribution”, “A simple explanation of Benford s law”, “Why does Benford s law (Zipf s law) hold?”. Benford s law is somehow relative to “Borel sets” and “descriptive set theory”, if some of them helps to explain mysteries of the universe, or other theories that are similar to descriptive set theory. “Order statistics and Benford s law”, “Leading digit laws on linear Lie groups”, “The modulo 1 central limit theorem and Benford s law”. In “DSP guide chapter 34: explaining Benford s law” by Steven W. Smith is that Benford s law is antilogarithm / logarithm thing and there is nothing mystic about it. “Hubble constant and dark energy inferred from free-form determined time delay distances” 2013. Borel hierarchy, sigma algebra, ergodic theory and Zech logarithm are something similar. Math stackexchange questions tagged ergodic theory. “Expansions of Black-Scholes processes and Benford s law”, “Ergodic theory: interactions with combinatorics and number theory”. There is also David Bohm and his implicate order. Bohm also has a concept of number zero, and number zero has according to him some important properties. “Winding number”, “nonzero rule”, “residue theorem” and “points in polygon” are other number topics that may have some part in cosmology? Aharanov-Bohm effect, Special issue “Emergent quantum mechanics - David Bohm centennial perspectives” 2018 (about emergent quantum mechanics / ontological quantum mechanics), “Everything forever: learning to see timelessness” by Gevin Giorban, “A Fisher-Bohm geometry for quantum information”, Rodelich Tumulka: “On bohmian mechanics, particle creation, and relativistic…”. In the book “God of the universe” by L. Charles Arnold is “logarithmic spiral” and its relation with Fibonacci series (relationship between Fibonacci series and golden ratio). Golden ratio and construction of universe has something to do with each other. “The dimension of space can be inferred from the abstract network structure” 2018.

More about unconventional views of physics: “Why Einstein s physics is crap” and “Nasty little truth about spacetime physics”. And then conventional physics but different view: “The dimension of space can be inferred from the abstract network structure” 2018.

although but, I would like to understand a lickle more.

Could some of your peers PM me a reading list?

Kind regArds.

I myself don t know math much, only basics. So I don t even understand scientific papers that I read in the net. Then I make list of net articles etc. that seem interesting to me and write post about it to RH forums. I only write so someone else might get some useful ideas from those messy texts that I have written, someone who understands math etc. This way I have written every text in RH forums. I myself barely understand things I am writing about, but perhaps someone else may have some useful information from my texts ( I hope). My text is long list itself about things that might be interesting and what I found in the net. I don t have any direct links, sorry, because I don t store them. This theories on everything text is just long list of net articles I found while googling around for weeks. I have only small clue about those complex theories, it is difficult to explain what I am chasing after when I don t even myself know. And addition: string theory seem not to be valid anymore, googling “Cumrun Vafa string theory” brings many results. Sabine Hossenfelder: “Lost in math”. Also “Measurement of universe s expansion rate creates cosmological puzzle” 2016, “Measurements of the universe s expansion have made scientists excited” 2018. Different measurements from same thing should give results that are nearing each other when measurement accuracy increases, but when universe s age is measured with increased accuracy, different measurement methods are giving increasingly different values, so measurements are not nearing each other but going different directions. So something is wrong with measurement methods or in universe itself, redshift etc. is not what it should be or something else.

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I just found out Keelynet netpages, and from there Keelynet july 2010 netpage. It begins with “Model describes universe with no big bang, no beginning and no end” and then there is other strange theories, “Chernestski plasmatron”, “Vacuum can be measured”, “Janavajda free energy wave field”, “Electric dipole moment”, John Swain, Gustave Le Bon, and other strange things.
Also Markarian 501 anomaly that happened 2005, that indicated variable speed of light ? That observation was somehow “swept under the rug” because it contradicts accepted truths of physics so it is not so widely known. Altough that later particle physics experiment that got much media attention that indicated speed of light may change, and later was corrected to be just mistake in experiment, Markarian 501 anomaly is not well known altough it should be. So there is signs that sometimes redshift is not redshift of relativity theory but something else, and sometimes it is. Flyby anomalies, Pioneer 6 redshift anomaly etc. So sometimes universe behaves like relativity theory / quantum mechanics suggests, but in some rare cases it does not. What is the reason that in most cases relativity theory / quantum mechanics is right to the last digit but in some rare cases it fails? Markarian 501 year 2005 event as best example of strange anomaly. Others are planet Mercury perihelion anomaly etc., “French Nobel laureate turns back clock”, “Comparison of two anomalous redshifts observed in the close vicinity of the solar limb”, “Cosmological redshift model now experimentally confirmed” Dean L. Mamas. Pioneer 6 redshift anomaly was in article in Nature - magazine 1974. “On four independent phenomena sharing a common cause” Roger Ellman 2014. “Have telescopes spied out quantum space-time?” 2009, “MAGIC telescope reveals grainy spacetime with late night” 2009.
Markarian 501 and other similar cases can have natural causes, in mechanism that makes those photons in galaxies that makes some of them delayed. So delayed photons are not marks of failure of physics theories, perhaps. “A new approach to study energy-dependent arrival delays on photons from astrophysical sources”. “The Pioneer effect: a new physics with a new principle” Russel Bagdoo 2012. But there is other anomalies, like Pioneer 6 anomaly, “Pioneer 6 anomalous redshift near the sun” Herbert Weidner 2014.
Also: “Did dark matter arise before the big bang?”, “Dark matter may be older than big bang, study suggests”.