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Thermaikos, Greece. Hexayurt project

This topic provides information and discussion regarding implementation of Hexayurt system in Greece and beyond, by the local OpenTech community in Thermaikos near Thessaloniki.

All individuals and small groups are invited to contribute and support this project on an informal basis. You are also encouraged to visit us on the spot and meet the people who are actual boots-on-the-ground. :wink:

This topic is an offspring of more general discussion about possible involvement of RH community in creation of self-organized economy in Thermaikos region. See here for the broad picture: Greece - Groundwork for Freedom: Discussion

For the current context of Greece as a transit area for the long-term migration stream, see Greece - Groundwork for Freedom: Discussion

HexaYurt implementation.

The goal is to provide a practical (in the sense of building code and mass production) design of minimal set of hexayurt constructions, covering a configuration of semi-permanent facility. Office, public space (mess, cafe etc.), sanitary unit, dorm, storage.
At this stage we aim for minimal configuration: the structure itself, with the basic installations wherever required. Add-ons and upgrades will be gradually developed, tested and added to the system.

The deliverables:
– Building Code (Greece) compliant documentation for manufacturing, assembling and installation of units.
– Manufacturing documentation both for CAD/CAE/CAM and traditional methods. The scope will be a standard TKD (totally knocked down) kit of elements (wood, steel, other materials) needed to build a yurt.
– A practical assembling instruction in a graphic form, suitable for an ad-hoc building teams, possibly without need to read in any language.
– No less than 5 sets of prototype structures:
– -- One or more being used in the real environment (a candidate place is Idoumeni transit camp, the gathering point for refugees near the Greek/Macedonian border).
– -- One being used in the project site (Thermaikos region, near Thessaloniki, Greece).
– -- One (various materials used) for testing and measurement purposes, on-site as well.
– -- One used for training and presentation of the assembling/disassembling routines.
– -- One ready to ship worldwide for presentation and tests.

– A statement of the project consortium (all local Greek entities) regarding terms and capacity of manufacturing, training and delivery of kits.

So, if we go for it, we will develop @hexayurt beyond being a curiosity and make it a ready and standarised building system, tested and available in large numbers.
In the process we shall bring jobs and business to local communities in Greece, provide a simple and cheap housing solution for everyone interested and develop a product that can gradually replace tents as a standard in the humanitarian and other applications.

What I am looking for, from the RH community, is:
– support the us with your knowledge and contacts;
– help us with direct or indirect microfunding;
– when the product is developed, support and invest in selling it to the world.

I am now working on creating the consortium here in Greece. As the resources here are heavily underemployed, there is a significant interest in participation.

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I really think this is a great, great idea.

Greece has a mild enough climate that hexayurts are pretty reasonable shelter year round in simple materials, as opposed to Germany where they’re going to need to be done in structural insulated panels.

And there’s a fearsome lack of resources on the ground to do anything about this mess - but a really decentralized, bottom-up approach might work.

Seems like the first step is a couple of prototypes n easily available materials,and then some public discussion of those prototypes, maybe?

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I started talking to a person in charge of a nearest transit camp (Idoumeni, the Greek/Macedonian border). On Saturday I go there to negotiate setting up two structures:

  • Simple storage H-Y
  • More elaborated, as an outpost for “Doctors of the World”.

Once we get these approved, we shall start looking for resources. There is a building team already on stand-by, materials are available. Some design, budgeting, fundrising and off we go, just before winter.
These two structures should be counted in the number mentioned in the project description above.