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Valparaiso, Chile; 23-27 Nov, 2015: AI Nexus (+Blockchains!)

What follows is the outline with all the relevant information.

Please, if you know somebody who uses Machine Learning in an interesting context, ideally relevant to Finance, please let me know! I’d also love to have sponsors for this so that we can bring cool people and next time do one of these things on a topic relevant to Robin Hood.

By the way, if any of you know how to pay for it, I’d love to bring @danielhassan to this and talk with all of the people and speakers present. I think Machine Learning can play an interesting part in the further development of the Parasite (maybe on the Ethereum Blockchain?) and our guest Michael Morton of Ethereum Labs would be a great person to start talking to.

AI Nexus


Exosphere’s Artificial Intelligence Nexus is the first in a series of high-intensity participatory learning labs in emerging technology, facilitated by global pioneers who are changing the world with machine learning. Discover how this exciting new field is disrupting your business and how you can leverage it to gain an advantage over your competitors.


23-27 Nov, 2015
Exosphere HQ
Viña del Mar, Chile
$ 1,850 - Regular (accommodation included)
$ 1,150 - Student


5-day event for corporate employees, entrepreneurs, and free agents to learn how AI affects their business and career, including pitfalls and opportunities, facilitated by experts in the field, both researchers and practitioners in industry


Skinner Layne [Entrepreneur, Former Advisor to U.S. Senator John Boozman]
Nell Watson [Futurist, Entreprenerd, Engineer, and Public Speaker]
Michael Morton [Ethereum Labs, Bitcoin Enthusiast]
Speaker Y
Speaker Z


[Day 1] Skinner Layne: Setting the stage for AI: Cheap Computing and the Breaking Smart phenomenon (read
[Day 2] Speaker X: AI in Industry/Application A
[Day 3] Speaker Y: AI in Industry/Application B
[Day 4] Michael Morton: The Blockchain and AI - New Economic Spaces for Machine/Human Collaboration
[Day 5] Nell Watson: Past, Present, Future - How to Future-proof your career/business and profit from AI


Ethereum Labs:

+more coming

How to participate

Go to the AI Nexus Website and sign up to be notified upon launch: