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Website maintenance and development (overview)

Coordinators & core developers Dan and Tere.

We have a host of websites:

All of these need maintenance and development.

  • updates

  • adding content

  • social media follow-up

  • aesthetics & usability

  • development

  • new features

  • security

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@Tere: what’s the best way for people to register their interest?

I don’t know! Two possible ways come to mind: e-mail to coordinator/core developer, of just mail to the forum. The latter maybe better, because leaves a public trace. But maybe the first should also be an option?

What’s an easy way to find out a list of e-mails for coordinator/core developer?

Also, how to mail the forum?

Answer my own question :smile:

You can go to the menu at the top right (the three lines to the right of the search magnifying glass) and then click on ‘Users’. You can then see a full list of users and those who are ‘Core’ have this listed.

Good, good. I also thought that they should be listed there in the first post, now just XXX and YYY.

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I am going to break this down further into a specific thread for each service…

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Individualized threads now created…

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